Places of Section 8

The Arabah and the Negev

99. Thamara (Qasr al-Juhayniya ?/ 'Ayn al-Husb ?)

A military post, a gate between two towers. A red triangle on the gate let think of a church.

Asason Thamar (Gen 14:7) , where the Amorites dwelt who were killed by Chedorlaomer. It is located near the desert of Kadesh. Now is called Thamara a village at one day's journey from Mampsis, on the way from Hebron to Aila, which is today a fort of the (Roman) soldiers. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 8:6-9; Jerome 9:5-8)

Map Section 8 Ancient Sources Discussion

Photo: A number of fortresses were standing along the main road going down to the valley of Arabah.

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