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104. Beersheba, today Berosabba. The boundary of Judaea to the south reaches down to it from Dan near Paneas, which marks the northern boundary - (Beersheba)

A square locality surrounded by a wall, obviously a camp. A portico runs along the inner side of the wall. Inside is a big public building (not a church) possibly the residence of the commanding officer.

Beersheba, in the tribe of Judah and Sim-eon, is to this day a large village at the 20th milestone from Hebron to the south, where a garrison of Roman soldiers is posted. Here the boundaries of the land of Judaea began, ending up at Dan near Paneas. Beersheba means 'well of the oath', for here Abraham and Isaac swore a pact of alliance with Abimelech. One must not be surprised at finding cities said to belong to Judah in the lot of Simeon or of Benjamin, for the tribe of Judah, which was rich in the most warlike men and often conquered its enemies, held the leadership of all the tribes, and therefore also the lots of other tribes are sometimes ascribed to its possessions. In another passage the Scripture explains very clearly that Simeon dwelt in the midst of the tribe of Judah. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 50:1-12; Jerome 51:1-12)

Well of the oath (Gen 21: 30-31), which Abraham dug in the place where he swore. Today it is Beersheba in the Geraritica. We spoke of it above. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 166:20-21; Jerome 167:21-22)

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Photo: The mouth of a deep well appears near the ancient city-gate at Tell es-Saba'.

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