Places of Section 9

Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

107. Gerara - (Tell Abu Hurayrah)

A gate flanked by two towers. A four lines inscription whit black letters on white background.

Gerara (Gen 20:1), after which now the Geraritica is named, a region beyond the Daroma (South Judaea) at a distance of 25 miles from Eleuthero-polis to the south.
Once it was the southern boundary of the Ca-naanites and a royal city of Philistia.
It is located, as the Scripture says, "Between Kadesh and Shur", that is, between two deserts, one bordering with Egypt, and which the people entered after having crossed the Red Sea, and the other, Kadesh, stretching out up to the desert of the Saracens. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 60,7-14; Jerome 61:6-13)

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Photo: Tell Abu Hurayrah, the site of ancient Gerara.

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