Places of Section 9

Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

123. Gaza - (Gaza, al -'Azzah)

A city walled. We note five towers, two of them flanking the southern gate. Two colonnaded streets are shown. The main street runs from the eastern gate to the western gate. The other street goes from the southern gate to a square in the very centre of the city. Inside the eastern gate we see another square place with some kind of passageway to the north, and leading to a circular building surrounded by colonnaded on its southern side, most likely a theatre. Following the main street to the west, we see on the south side a small domed building (probably a public fountain) and opposite to it a small square. Another small square is seen on the north side of the main street beyond the central square. I the western quarter we note two churches.

Gaza (Deut 2:23) a city of the Evaeans, in which Cappadocians dwelt after they killed the former inhabitans. In antiquity it was a boundary of the Canaanites towards Egypt, and fell into the lot of the tribe of Judah, but they could not conquer it nor could they do away with the aliens who dwelt in it, because the Enakim, that is, the giants, the most strong of all the aliens, held out. And today it is a famous city of Palestine. One might ask, how it is that in a certain prophet (Jer 47:5; Zeph 2:4) Gaza is said to be destined to remain in ruins forever? and the explanation is that the site of the ancient city hardly shows a trace of the foundations, while the city that is seen today was built in another location, in place of the one that was destroyed. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 62:22-26; Jerome 63:16-23)

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Photo: In the main mosque of Gaza, which was formerly a church of the Crusaders, are shown also remains from a synagogue.

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