Places of Section 9

Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

124. Maiumas, which is also Neapolis - (al-Minah)

We see the eastern gate flanked by towers, a street leading to the west and another one branching off to the north, finally at least three red-roofed churches.

At that time the harbour of the city of Gaza, which is called Maioumas, and was very devoted to paganism, and until that time had revered the ancient rites, suddenly passed en masse to Christianity. The emperor, granted them great honour as a reward for their piety, and made the place into a city, which was not a city before, and called it Constantia: for he honoured the place, because of its devotion, by bestowing upon it the name of the dearest of his children. (Sozomenus, Historia Ecclesiastica, 5)

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Photo: Aerial view of the overly-populated Gaza strip.

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