Places of Section 10

The Sinai Desert and Egypt

139. Pelusium - (Tell Farama)

About the half of a large walled city with towers, gates and colonnaded streets. Three red roofed buildings are, possibly, churches. Many houses are clustered between them.

Province Augustamnica I, under a corrector, 13 cities: Rhinocorura, Ostracine, Casium, Pentaschoinon, Aphnaion, Gerra, the Tents, Pelusium, Sethroitis, Hephaestus, Panephusis, Tanis, Thmuis. (Hierocles, Synecdemos, 726:3-727-6)

Map Section 10 Ancient Sources Discussion

Photo: The Mediterranean mouth of Suez Canal replaces the ancient Pelusiac branch.

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