Places of Section 10

The Sinai Desert and Egypt

153. Hermupolis - (Damanhur)

Three towers covered with a red roof, one gate and a section of the city wall.

Province of Egypt, 23 cities under an Augustalis: Alexandria, Ermopolis, Menelaites, Metelis, Bouto, Kabasa, Sais, Naukratis, Andron, Nikiu, Xois, Phragonis, Pachnenunis,Diospolis, Sebennutos, Onuphis, Taua, Cleopatris, Kuno, Busiris, Oasis, Elearchia, Paralos. (Hierocles, Synecdemos, 723:6-726:2)

Map Section 10 Ancient Sources Discussion

Photo: The Nile Delta Damietta branch near Alexandria.

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