Ancient Sources

Phoenicia and Galilee

4. Acchabaron ('Akbara)



Josephus, Life187-188 (1st cent. A.D.)
Likewise, I (Josephus) walled several villages in Upper Galilee, through they are very rocky of themselves, namely, Iamnia, Meroth, and Acharabe.

Josephus,War II, 573
(1st cent. A.D.)
... the rock of Acchabara

No biblical text available

Josephus, War II: 573-576 (1st cent. A.D.)
And as he knew the Romans would fall upon Galilee, he built walls in proper places about Jotapata, and Bersabee, and Salamis; and besides these about Caphareccho, and Japha, and Sigo, and what they call Mount Tabor, and Taricheae, and Tiberias. Moreover, he built walls about the caves near the lake of Gennessar, which places lay in the Lower Galilee; the same as he did to the places of Upper Galilee, as well as to the rock called the Rock of the Achabari, and to Seph, and Jamnith, and Meroth; (574) and in Gaulanitis he fortified Seleucia, and Sogane, and Gamale; but as to those of Sepphoris, they were the only people to whom he gave leave to build their own walls, and this, because he perceived they were rich and wealthy, and ready to go to war, without standing in need of any injunctions for that purpose. (575) The case was the same with Gischala, which had a wall built about it by John the son of Levi himself, but with the consent of Josephus; but for the building of the rest of the fortresses, he labored together with all the other builders, and was present to give all the necessary orders for that purpose. (576) He also got together an army out of Galilee, of more than a hundred thousand young men, all of whom he armed with the old weapons which he had collected together and prepared for them.

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