Ancient sources

Moab and Edom

30. Zared ? - (al-Hasa ?)


Zared. Vallis Zared in parte deserti.
(Jerome 93:11)


Eusebius, Onomasticon 92:10 (ca. 295 A.D.); Jerome 93:11 (ca. 390 A.D.)
Zared (Deut 2:13), the gorge of Zared in the middle of the desert.


Num 21:12 The sons of Israel camp by the land of Moab
From there [Iye-Abarim] they set out, and camped in the Wadi Zered.

Deut. 2:13-14 The arrival in Transjordania
Now then, proceed to cross over the Wadi Zered. So we crossed over the Wadi Zered. And the length of time we had traveled from Kadesh-barnea until we crossed the Wadi Zered was thirty-eight years, until the entire generation of warriors had perished from the camp, as the Lord had sworn concerning them.


Hierocles, Synecdemos 717:8-719:11 (7th cent. A.D.)
Province of Palaestina Tertia, 10 cities under a praeses: Petra, Augustopolis, Arindela, Charachmuba, Areo-polis, Zoara, Mampsis, Bitarous, Elusa, Salton.

Georgius Cyprius, 1043-1057 (7th cent. A.D.)
Province of Palaestina Tertia: Petra, Augustopolis, Arindela, Charachmoba, Areopolis, Mampsis, Elusa, Zoora, Salton, Berosaba (Beersheba), Aila, Pentakomia, Mampsara, Metrokomia, Salton Hieratikon.

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