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Places of Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

102. The (place) of the Egyptians


Inde ingressi sumus Ascalon; ibi est puteus Pacis in modum theatri factus, in quo usque ad aquam descenditur per gradus, ubi requiescunt tres fratres martyres; propria quidem habent nomina, sed vulgariter Aegyptii vocantur.
(Anonymus Placentinus 33)


Anonymus Placentinus, Itinerarium 33 (ca. 570 A.D.)
Then we came into Ascalon where is the Well of the Peace. It is built like a theatre, in which one goes down by steps to the water. It is the resting-place of three brothers martyrs. Each of them had a name of his own, but they are usually called 'the Egyptians'.

No biblical text available

Eusebius, De Martyribus Palaestinae, X (4th cent. A.D.)
At the 14 of the month, which we use to call Apellaios, that is the 19 before the beginning of January, some Egyptians going up to Cilicia from their country for the sake of the confessors, which were sent there (in exile), were caught by those standing at the gates of the town and looking at the passengers. In part they were subjected to the same punishment of those they wanted to help, after they were deprived of their eyes and of their feet. But three of them, which were kept in custody in the town of Ascalon, suffered martyrdom being put to death in different ways. One, by name Ares, was burned to death; the other two, by name Probus and Elias, had their head cut off.

Georgian Calendar, december 19 (11th cent. A.D.)
[Memory of] Ignatius archbishop of Antioch and martyr, and of the Egyptians Martyrs.

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