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119. Thauatha - (Kh. Umm al-Tut; Migdal Tuta)


Hilarion ortus vico Tabatha, qui circiter quinque milia a Gaza, urbe Palaestinae, ad austrum situs est, cum haberet parentes idolis deditos, rosa, ut dicitur, de spinis floruit.
(Hieronymus, Vita sancti Hilarionis, p. 74)


Hieronymus, Vita sancti Hilarionis, p. 74 (ca. 400 A.D.)
Hilarion was born in the village of Tabatha, which is located about five miles south of Gaza, a city of Palestine. Though his parents were pagans, he flourished, as they say, like a rose from thorns.

No biblical text available

Sozomenus, Historia Ecclesiastica, III,14,21 (5th cent. A.D.)
Also Palestine started to live a philosophical life, instructed by the Egyptians. The divine Hilarion flourished in that time. His homeland was Thabatha, a village situated to the south of the city of Gaza, near a stream, which the inhabitants of the village called by the same name.

see also 126. The (place) of Saint Hilarion

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