Ancient Sources

Places of Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

124. Maiumas, which is also Neapolis - (al-Minah)



Sozomenus, Historia Ecclesiastica, 5 (5th cent. A.D.)
At that time the harbour of the city of Gaza, which is called Maioumas, and was very devoted to paganism, and until that time had revered the ancient rites, suddenly passed en masse to Christianity. The emperor, granted them great honour as a reward for their piety, and made the place into a city, which was not a city before, and called it Constantia: for he honoured the place, because of its devotion, by bestowing upon it the name of the dearest of his children.

No biblical text available

Anonymus Placentinus, Itinerarium 33 (ca. 570 A.D.)
From it (Maiuma of Ascalon) we went to the city of Maiuma of Gaza, the resting place of the martyr saint Victor. From Maiuma to Gaza: one mile.


Bishops' list
Zeno (A.D. 379/95)
Paulinianus (A.D. 431)
Paulus (A.D. 449)
Petrus Iberus (A.D. 452-491)
John Rufus (VI cent. A.D.)
Procopius (A.D. 518)
Cosmas Hierosolymitanus (A.D. 743)


Ma'in: Church of the Acropolis
(8th cent. A.D.)
[Charach Mo]uba

see also 125. The (place) of Saint Victor

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