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Date: 01.01.2005
Source: Custody of the Holy Land

From October 2004 a stable Franciscan Fraternity is again living at the Terra Sancta College in Jerusalem, which has been partially renovated and restructured by the Holy Land Custody.
At the conclusion of the solemnity of Mary Mother of God, on Saturday 1st January 2005, the Holy Land Custody officially inaugurated the Terra Sancta College of Jerusalem. The celebration started in the chapel of the College with a baptism administered by Father Abd el-Massih Fayez Fahim, Economo of the Holy Land Custody. He baptized Jamil, the son of Mr. George, collaborator of the superior of the house Father Vincenzo Ianiello. Father Vincenzo then welcomed the numerous friars who came from various houses of the Custody, the religious and other friends invited to the celebration. He said that the baptism which had just been administered reminds us of the fact that the Terra Sancta College is a subsidiary house of the Latin Parish of Saint Saviour, as well as being the Cultural Centre of the Holy Land Custody. He went on to add that this residence is also being cared after with the collaboration of the community of Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, and that in the College there also reside a group of students enrolled in the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, as well as some collaborators of the Holy Land Custody.
After this brief introduction the Custos, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, presided over Vespers. During his short homily he commented upon the message of the Psalms in the Liturgy and he thanked all those – namely his predecessors in the office of Custos, those responsible in the Economato and workshops of Saint Saviour – who collaborated in the refurbishment of the entire complex. He then invited all to pray the Lord to enlighten and sustain the efforts of the government of the Custody in order to search for concrete forms and resources in order to give Terra Sancta College its proper role within the context of its presence in the heart of the new city of Jerusalem.
After the celebration of Vespers, the participants sang the hymn “Ubi caritas et amor” and went on procession to the entrance of the College where the Custos presided over the prayer of benediction of the premises. After a brief introduction there were two readings, a biblical reading from Romans 12,5-16 and a reading from the Letter of Saint Francis to all the Faithful (2Lf 9-10), followed by the prayer and blessing of the premises accompanied by the singing of Psalm 84. The rite was concluded in the outer entrance with the final blessing and the singing of the “Salve Regina”.
Those present could participate actively in the whole celebration, with the help of a publication prepared by the Liturgical Office of the Custody. The celebration was animated by the Francsican Students of the Custody.

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