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Date: 14.3.2005
Source: Custody of the Holy Land

Bethlehem 13 March 2005

Dear friends,
Peace and all Good.

Last Thursday my friend Purwanto and I visited the village, from where Asma, a volunteer, comes. It was a moving experience. Coming from Bethlehem it is just at the other side of Herodion, a peculiar mountain looking like a table. The village is completely isolated: there is no road, no electricity and no water. The village is threatened by an Israeli settlement. For the study in the evening you need an oil lamp. A brother of Asmall founded a center for the people but without any protection against the cold of the winter. Just that day there came a camera crew for an interview with her brother.
It was a rainy day, so our shoes became dirty. This village is an example of Palestinian villages with a lack of any infrastructure in order to develop itself. It is a forgotten area.

Later on that day Pur and I visited Wisam at his home for a meal. There we heard that the day before a girl was killed by her father as a revenge for the honor. Later we heard what the real background was. As a child the girl heard from her grandfather from her father side only bad things about her mother. She felt that it was wrong, but as a child she could do nothing. Once 16 years old she want to do something clear and went to a Bedouin family and said that she was available for the family. It meant she got the protection of the family and she wasn't touched by one single finger. After negotiations she returned home but was killed by her father with a knife. He is now in prison.

Last Sunday we went to Battir for the opening of a home for women.Our chauffeur Michael drove us, but first we had to pass Battir some kilometres before we could enter the area. We must wait for a theatre group from Tulkariem, many checkpoints away. What they showed was impressive: the live in the occupied territories, but they ended hopefully: strewing grain over the spectators.

Monday morning we visited the Nativity church and the milk grot, where Jesus with his parents stayed for some time. After the lunch we went to the youth house and then abusively to Jerusalem for an exhibition of an Israeli painter a day to early, but we could see something. At the same time there is also an exhibition from a Palestinian painter in the peace center, which differs completely.

On Tuesday we celebrated world women day. There were only some women, because there was a funeral. The women want to go on together with their daughters on Tuesday. I will see.
Friday was a busy day because of the lessons. The teacher for the tenth grade didn't come because of problems with his health. Together with Wisam I tried to solve this problem. It was especially necessary, because they had the next day an exam.

At the same time I had to deal with two students who gave problems last Sunday. They must wait one and a half hour and they did it. With them I could solve this problem.
The other two have a bigger problem, although one of them came the day before asking for Wisam. He has the biggest problem.

Yesterday I went to Jerusalem for my ticket to Geneva next Sunday. We, Pur and I walked through the old city and then we eat something near the Damascus gate. When we left the restaurant, a boy from about 9 years entered the place. I know this boy as a friend of Noam, the son of my Israeli friends in West Jerusalem. I recognized him and he me. So offered my hand and went further. After a while I turned my and saw the boy just leaving the place and swayed to me, which I did too. Wonderful.

When we returned I called my friend Michael, who celebrated his birthday. When we arrived at the wall, he came and drove further then it was allowed and picked us up. Then I went to the youth house. At the cinema, a place with busses and taxi's a young man came to me and gestured to me to follow him to a place where there were three other young men, all deaf mute. They want to know where I live. Later Pur and I got as meal at the family Owaineh, which was nice.

Meanwhile the wall near Rachel's tomb is almost ready and will the new terminal be used. For my friend Pur it was a surprise to see how fast the wall will be finished. I am glad for his presence to share my life here in Bethlehem from where the greetings, Louis.

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