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Date: 8.9.2005
Source: Custody of the Holy Land

We, the principals of the Terra Santa School in Jerusalem, and In order to be able to begin the new school year in the best way to serve the goals of the Custody of the Holy Land. That is to fulfill the noble message of educating and teaching the young of the Jerusalem society aged between five and eighteen, when students finish their secondary cycle and head towards the university life and then to public life.

We found it necessary this year, for the 57 teachers and staff in both schools for boys and girls to engage them collectively in lectures and workshops. This will prepare them educationally, socially and psychologically to welcome this year 743 boys and girls -70 % 0f them are Christians – living inside the Old City and outside.

A team of specialists in education, psychology and supervisors from the ministry of education were recruited to give lectures and make workshops about the difficulties of learning, the school activities, how to deal with students and to update the teachers with the latest methods of how to prepare the teaching plan. The teachers and staff of both schools attended the course from the 24th of August 2005 until the beginning of the school year on the 3rd of September 2005.

The first day of the school was very special.
The students came to school, all in new uniform, carrying their colorful school bags with their new books inside. They were all very happy to meet their classmates again and to discuss with them what they did in their summer vacation. The students then met the principal and the teachers in the playground for 45 minutes. The principal welcomed them and wished them a very fruitful and successful year. He also explained to them about the new activities, which will take place this year. Afterwards, the students went with their class masters to their classes. The class masters briefed them with some pieces of advice about how to behave inside the school premises and gave them their daily program and their educational activities program as well. The students then sat for two regular periods with other teachers. At quarter to twelve all Christian teachers and students went to St. Savior’s Church to attend a mass for this occasion. In the mass we asked God to bless both schools, the teachers, the staff, the students and their families hoping from God Almighty to lead our steps all through the year.

We must not forget to mention that the principals of the schools members of the General Secretariat of the Christian Schools in Jerusalem have already met earlier to arrange and discuss the joint activities which will take place during the school year.

They agreed to hold the Sports Festival which is held every year to honor the winners of the sports activities and tournament in the year. There will be also a retreat for the Christian teachers during the advent and the lent.

The principals also agreed to have a new course in the Holy Bible for the students of the ninth grade (age 15) from all the school. At the end of the course, a general ceremony will be held presided by the patriarchs, bishops, priests and nuns, and attended by the teachers, the students and their families.

The ceremony will be based on the “Word of God” where at the end the students receive the Holy Bible from their Heads of their Churches.
Our schools will encourage the conference of the Christian teaching program that started last year and will finish by the end of this school year. All of the schools will participate in this activity.

In our coming meeting, the principals will discuss further other activities.

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