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Date: 26.9.2005
Source: Custody of the Holy Land

Bethlehem 25 september 2005

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

After my holidays and some business I picked up the dread of my daily work here. I see that the youth house will cost much time. But first I will write about last Wednesday, the UN peace day. There was a meeting by this occasion of the Interfaith Exchange Association, an organisation of the three monotheistic religions. It was a good meeting and I saw my Israeli friend, the musician Ofer and another friend, who just published a book with poems about peace: Hadassa Haskale. I attach a poem from her hand, which is typical for her.
During my absence the four women, Asma, Kawthar, Ra´eda en Rana have worked hard for the youth house. After the summer camp they organised a course for the traditional Palestinian dance Dapke and they provided two exhibitions during a festival in Jericho and Nablus. They also made a video movie which I saw. It was a good job, what they have done.
Also they prepared the organisation of basic courses for English, Mathematics and Arabic. I have only to organise teachers.
Further they started with teenager girls between 12 and 14 years to support them in their development. It is a kind of a group who speaks with each other about some subjects. Also we will start with a group for drama, a favourite subject for Palestinians in order to express their experiences in their daily life because of the occupation.

The point is now to get enough finances to pay them for their work.
During my absence there were some problems, which solved.
Last Friday there was again a meeting of young Palestinians in Jericho. Some couldn’t come because they were stopped at checkpoints.
They appointed a board and because the group from Bethlehem was the biggest, three of the board are from Bethlehem. Further one from Nablus, one from Jericho, one from Tulqarim and three seats for Gaza.
After the meeting we made a trip to the mountain of temptation. We walked upwards, while it was very hot, more than 35 C. we made it.
I visited the family Sleiby and I heard some interesting things. First the son, Naji, told me about a problem at the school. During the lesson physics they got a test, they didn’t know it: what is 10 in the 8 power. They got it two years ago, but were it forgotten. I tested if he knew what is 10 in 0 power. He didn’t know it. Every number in the 0 power is one. I think it is the problem if they learn for an exam and to forget or they learn in order to use the knowledge.
I heard about some improvements on school. Beside new restrooms there is now also a lab for the Koran. It will give the Muslim boys a better feeling to be taken serious. In the past I heard some complaints about a different treatment of Christian and Muslim boys.
This week I saw that the wall is almost completed. The entrance to the terminal can be closed. When there is also a gate in the wall, where the street goes directly to the present checkpoint, Bethlehem can not be reached from the side of Jerusalem. I send a picture of the closed terminal at the end of the Caritas Street. The other picture shows a part of the mountain of temptation and the Jordan valley. Greetings from Bethlehem, Louis


Hey, little boy
Hey little boy, with the
good throwing arm

Hey little boy
Hey soldier boy
with such good aim

Eh, soldier boy?
Hey little boy

Drumming war drums
Drumming up hate
Eh, Heads of State?

What are you doing
out so late and just
in time to catch a bullet?

Do you know
It’s your bullet
He’s caught in his brain?

Hey, Heads of State
What are you doing
up so late

Hey little boy
Hey, soldier boy

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