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NEWS ARCHIVES (30.11.2004 - 29.11. 2004)

bullet 29.11.2004: Pope Entrusts "Notre Dame of Jerusalem" to Legionaries of Christ
John Paul II entrusted to the Legionaries of Christ the direction and administration of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, the Holy See's religious, charitable, cultural and educational institute in that city. The Pope communicated his decision through a document issued "motu propio" i.e. "on his own initiative". (Zenit)

bullet 28.11.2004: Constantinople. Ceremony in Patriarchate for Holy Relics return
Speaking after the ceremony, Patriarch Bartholomeos said that they had seen a historic day thanks to good relationships between the Catholic and Orthodox world which had seen the restoration of the relics. Bartholomeos said. "There was a good ceremony in Vatican. We have repeated our invitation for the Pope to come to Turkey. I guess he will come in 2005." (Zaman - Turkey)

bullet 27.11.2004: Feast of Saint Catherine in Bethlehem
The feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, in Bethlehem, was celebrated on the 27th and 28th of November. Saint Catherine is the titular saint of the church and friary which the Custody of the Holy Land has in Bethlehem, besides being also the patron saint of the same Catholic parish of Bethlehem. Photos (CTS)

bullet 26.11.2004: Return of Relics to Rekindle Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue
On Saturday, John Paul II is scheduled to turn over the relics of the doctors of the Eastern Church to Patriarch Bartholomew I, in an ecumenical ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica. Theological dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches is expected to resume after the relics of Sts. Gregory Nazianzen and John Chrysostom are returned to the patriarch of Constantinople. (Zenit)

bullet 26.11.2004: Note from the Custody of the Holy Land
With reference to the declarations attributed by Asia News to a Jordanian priest regarding the fact that, according to him, the Christian sanctuaries belong "not only to Christians, but also to all Arabs, Muslims and Christians alike" (LINK), we deem it important to point out that the Christian sanctuaries belong to the respective Churches and ecclesiastical Entities which are their proprietors, and that, in a symbolic sense, they could also be seen as being a spiritual Patrimony of all humanity, without infringing upon the patrimonial rights of the above-mentioned proprietors. (CTS)

bullet 25.11.2004: Historic Joint statement Pledging to Cooperate signed by Israeli and Palestinian Tourism Ministers
“Believing that tourism is not only a major economic force, and an important tool for [a] nation’s prosperity, but also a means of bringing peace and building bridges of confidence between peoples of the Middle East, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities…announce that both ministries will cooperate in promoting tourism to the Holy Land.” (Travel Video)
More about this in "Jerusalem Post" (LINK).

bullet 22.11.2004: Professors offer perspectives on Middle East
Attempting to understand the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in the context of Yassir Arafat's legacy is not an easy task to undertake. Rather than start an examination in the ancient and biblical roots of the conflict, Dr. Beth Glazier-McDonald - a scholar of the Hebrew Bible and biblical literature at Centre College - says, a crucial time period to begin research is 1947-1949. (The Advocate-Messenger - KY)

bullet 19.11.2004: Representatives of all Churches: Pilgrims, come to the Holy Land
"A call to all people of faith: Visit the Holy Land".  This is the title of a document signed by representatives of different Christian denominations in Jerusalem this week, to encourage Christians around the world to resume visits to the Holy Sites. "There are many things that divide Christians, but there are many more that unite us. The Holy Land is one of these," Fr. Pizzaballa said. (Asianews)

bullet 19.11.2004: The Children's Peace Project Builds Family Ties in Washington, D.C.
A mother of one of the host families last year commented that she was afraid at first to host a Palestinian "terrorist" in her home, but that after having a chance to share her life with that child for a month, she now has a Palestinian son. (HCEF)

bullet 18.11.2004: Bethlehem hotels offer a special deal for Christmas
In Palestinian hotel owners said they hope a new Christmas initiative will return pilgrims to Bethlehem, West Bank, for the holiday. "Bethlehem has been almost completely closed for the past two years, but now the borders are a bit easier for tourists to cross," said Yusef Daher, executive director of the Arab Hotel Association, adding that Bethlehem has always been safe for pilgrims. "This Christmas will be meant for pilgrims coming to pray in the city," he said. (Catholic News Service)

bullet 17.11.2004: USA parishes and schools discover the plight of the Palestinian people
In recent years an increasing number of parishes have taken an interest in the plight of the Palestinian people — whether Christian or Muslim — and through formal and informal programs have set about to educate themselves about that region… At Assumption Parish in Mount Healthy, six Palestinian students and their teacher spent part of last month in Cincinnati through this Beacons of Hope Program. (Catholic Cincinnati)

bullet 14.11.2004: The Teacher’s Concert presents the "Magnificat"
The teachers of the School of Music of the Custody of the Holy Land, the Magnificat Institute, held their annual concert. Trained in pianoforte, violin, and singing, a choral composition from Conservatories in Austria, Belorussia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States offered the public their didactic activities at the Magnificat. Photos (CTS)

bullet 12.11.2004: The Custos attends the funeral of Arafat
The Father Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M., attended the funeral of Arafat in the West Bank town of Ramalah with a delegation of friars from the Custody of the Holy Land and offered his condolences to the Palestinian Authority. Photos (CTS)

bullet 11.11.2004: May peace return between two states, Pope says
Upon hearing the news of Yasser Arafat’s death, the Pope feels close to his family, the Palestinian authorities and the Palestinian people. He prays that the Star of Peace may soon shine once again over the peoples of the Holy Land. (Asianews)

bullet 10.11.2004: 300 pilgrims from Poland pray for peace in the Holy Land
From the 4th to the 10th of November there was a pilgrimage organized by the Commissariat of the Holy Land in Poland.  A team from Radio Maria took part in the pilgrimage that transmitted direct through radio and television which offered a lots of fellow nationals to follow this great religious event.  There were about 300 pilgrims that came from different parts of Poland. Photos (CTS)

bullet 10.11.2004: Arafat, the Palestinian Authority and the Catholic Church
With Arafat’s passing, many questions remain open in the relationship between Palestinian leadership and the Catholic Church.  Despite the Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestinian Authority, perhaps the best among the few such treaties that safeguard the Christian presence in Arab countries where Muslims are the majority, there is no lack of problems. (Asianews)

bullet 9.11.2004: Holy Land's Christians: Guardians of Stones?
Christians of the Holy Land need the warmth and presence of pilgrims if they are not to feel abandoned by the world, says the vicar of the Franciscan Custody. In an interview with Spanish Catholic media on the situation in the Middle East, Father Artemio Vitores acknowledged the discouragement that Christians in general, and Catholics in particular, have suffered over the past four years. (Zenit)

bullet 8.11.2004: As Arafat ails, some Catholics fear extremists will gain strength
Amid continuing speculations over Palestinian National Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's deteriorating health, some Catholics expressed fear extremist Islamic groups would gain strength after he dies. (Catholic News Service - Australia)

bullet 7.11.2004: Anniversary of the Foundation of the Sisters of the Cross of Lebanon
The Solemn Mass was presided by the Father Custos of the Holy Land, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, at the girls boarding school of the Custody of the Holy Land, looked after since 1993 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the death of their founder, the Venerable Yacoub El-Haddad, which also coincided with the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the institute of the Sisters by a Capuchin Franciscan Friar. At the Eucharistic celebration concelebrants included, among others, Priests from Lebanon: Fr. Maroun Younan, pastor of Nazareth, and Fr. Halim Noujaim, director of a school in Nazareth. The students of the boarding school did the singing.. Photos (CTS)

bullet 6.11.2004: Jerusalem and the Holy Land Rediscovered
In 1838, a famous Scottish architectural and landscape painter, David Roberts, traveled extensively through Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. He viewed the Sinai, Jerusalem, Petra, the Jordan Valley, Galilee and historic northern cities through an artist's eye. His exquisite paintings immortalized the Holy Land of that period, capturing its beauty, sacred aura and mystique in a time capsule. A total of 90 of Roberts' tinted and hand-colored lithographs, on loan from Duke University, form the exhibit. (Knights of Columbus Museum)

bullet 2.11.2004: Holy See Addresses U.N. on Peace in Holy Land
"A Lot of Peacemaking Rhetoric but Very Little Political Will". Here is the address delivered Monday by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See's permanent observer to the United Nations, to the 4th Commission of the U.N. General Assembly on "U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.". (Zenit)

bullet 2.11.2004: Assessing the status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process
For many Israelis, the image of the Palestinian is one of a militant Muslim, chanting anti-Zionist slogans at mass protests, prepared to blow himself up in order to kill as many of the enemy as possible. For most Palestinians, the image of the Israeli is one of a gun-toting soldier manning a checkpoint, enforcing a curfew, riding in a tank or an Apache helicopter. Each image is becoming so etched into the national psyche that the prospects of any workable solution are growing gloomier by the day. (Catholic World News)

bullet 31.10.2004: “The Magical Lamp” N. 2 - Songs of the children for peace in the Holy Land
The children of the School of Terra Santa “Saint Joseph,” “The Jasmine Choir,” performed at the festival “The Magical Lamp.”  Four musicians and Palestinian lyricists graciously donated 12 songs to the “Magnificat” Institute, the School of Music of the Custody of the Holy Land. The songs deal with themes on the family, of that garden that is the Holy Land and, sometimes, of the difficulty of being Palestinian, and of the longing for a peace that is late in arriving. Photos (CTS)

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