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"Mensa Christi": loaves and fishes in the mosaic floor at Tabgha
Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass, and taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and said a blessing. Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the crowds. Mt 14:19
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bullet30.7.2005: Lau: Give pope a chance
As Foreign Ministry fumes over lack of Vatican condemnation of terror in Israel and Holy See fires off harsh words of its own, ex-chief rabbi Yisrael Lau says to wait until smoke clears. (YNetNews)

bullet30.7.2005: John Paul II Did Not Condemn Terrorism, Says Israel
"Not every attack against Israel could be followed by an immediate public condemnation. One reason, the Vatican stated, is the fact that attacks against Israel were sometimes followed by immediate Israeli reactions not always compatible with the norms of international law." (Zenit)

bullet29.7.2005: Accusations against Pope John Paul II are a baseless pretext, says Holy See
The Vatican has denounced in no uncertain terms accusations made by an official with Israel’s Foreign Ministry, who “invented” the contention that Israel made numerous protests to the Holy See about John Paul's silence. (AsiaNews)

bullet27.7.2005: Israel's Attack on the Pope Is a Smokescreen for Abandoning Talks with the Holy See
AsiaNews has learnt that the unprecedented personal attack on Pope Benedict XVI launched by Israel's Foreign Ministry on Monday 25 July was meant as a smokescreen for the Ministry's decision to abandon the negotiations with the Holy See planned for the same day. (AsiaNews)

bullet27.7.2005: Holy See responds to Israel’s specious accusations
From Les Combes, in the Italian Alps, yesterday, where the Pope is on vacation, the Vatican’s Press Office Director, Joaquin Navarro Valls, responded with a written statement to the accusations made by the Israeli government against Benedict XVI. (AsiaNews)

bullet26.7.2005: Israeli Prime Minister launches "violent and vulgar" attak to the Pope
The Israeli Foreign Ministry has instructed Israel's newspapers to launch an unprecedentedly crude and violent attack on the Person of Pope Benedict XVI. (AsiaNews)

bullet25.7.2005: Film looks at Jesus' 'mystery years'
Archaeologist and filmmaker try to unravel how Jesus spent his life in Egypt. (Indystar)

bullet23.7.2005: What's Behind the Franciscans' Tau Symbol
With this symbol, writes Damien Vorreux, "St. Francis expresses his devotion not only to the cross, but to the whole person and mission of Christ." (Zenit)

bullet23.7.2005: Trouble brews over homes at ancient Jerusalem site
A new row is rumbling in Jerusalem over the fate of dozens of Arab houses on land that may have been the gardens of biblical King David's capital and next to where Christians believe Jesus performed miracles. (Reuters - AlertNet)

bullet23.7.2005: Greek-Orthodox Synod sets election date for new Patriarch
Ireneos I’s successor will be chosen on August 15; official candidates are presented. (AsiaNews)

bullet23.7.2005: Palestinian hotels in East Jerusalem running half-capacity
The Arab Hotel Association latest statistics show that 19 out of the 39 hotels are either closed or partially-closed. Some of these hotels have been transformed to renting space for non-tourist organizations. Others are either closed or incapable of operations. (eTurboNews)

bullet22.7.2005: Being part of interfaith solutions, not problems
There are differences, not only religious but political as well. But those differences are discussed, not fought, recognized, not swept under a rug. Ways are found to work with them. (Jewish News weekly - San Francisco)

bullet22.7.2005: When a bulldozer could be a weapon
The Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer is huge. As high as a double-decker bus, and as heavy as a tank, it has become the weapon of choice for house clearance in conflicts throughout the world. (Church Times)

bullet22.7.2005: Pope Doesn't See a "Clash of Civilizations"
"The dialogue between religions which have Abraham as a Father is important," he said. "We must ask God to reinforce this will and hope that it will be much stronger than violence." (Zenit)

bullet21.7.2005: Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, OFM will present the Keynote address at HCEF's 7th International Conference
In addition to keynoting the awards banquet on Friday, October 21, Fr. Pizzaballa will be accepting HCEF's Living Stone Solidarity Award on behalf of the Franciscan Custody. (HCEF)

bullet21.7.2005: U.S. Evangelicals See Opportunity in Promised Land
As part of efforts to revive tourism and consolidate support from the US Christian right, the Israeli government has offered to lease a prime plot - a 35-acre site which looks down over the Sea of Galilee - to evangelical churches. (Miftah)

bullet20.7.2005: Commitment to the Qu’ran without fundamentalism, says grand mufti
Sheikh Ahmed Badr el-Dein el-Hassoun, Syria’s new grand mufti, supports a “dialogue that is clear, constructive and mutual” and is convinced of the need for inter-religious dialogue “that is open to all” with “the total willingness to engage all to promote human dignity”. (AsiaNews)

bullet20.7.2005: A Short Note on Recent Forgeries of Biblical Artifacts
In the past few months, Israel has taken a decidedly hands-on approach in rooting out forgeries. We now know that the James Ossuary was the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” in the spate of modern forgeries. (Bible & Interpretation)

bullet19.7.2005: Fashion design under occupation is "like taking a beautiful flower and putting it behind a frame"
In addition to high fashion and creativity, one of purposes of the Beit Sahur design school is to aid the destroyed economy via the garment industry, which is the third largest employer of Palestinians under occupation next to the construction and stone industries. (Palestinian News Network)

bullet19.7.2005: Biblical sites in Israel join UN World Heritage List
The Biblical tells of Megiddo, Hazor and Beer Sheba, and the four Nabatean-Christian towns of Haluza, Mamshit, Avdat and Shivta in Israel will be protected by UNESCO. (UN News)

bullet18.7.2005: Syria’s Grand Mufti condemns kidnappings, suicide attacks in Iraq
Syria’s new Grand Mufti has condemned kidnappings and suicide attacks in Iraq and said he intends to work with all Islamic sects to prevent the growth of fundamentalism, al-Hayat newspaper reported on Sunday. (Khaleej Times)

bullet17.7.2005: Government allocates NIS 7 million to riot-wracked village of Maghar
The government approved Sunday to contribute NIS 7 million to help repair private property damaged in ethnic riots that broke out between Druze and Christians in the northern village of Maghar earlier this year. (Haaretz)

bullet16.7.2005: Spreading international harmony
Men’s choir from Jerusalem brings message of peace, love to Welsh festival: “Everywhere we went, and in every interview we gave to international media, both before and after the bombing, we conveyed a message of peace and love – we sang with other choirs and tried to show that Israelis are caring, peace-loving people.” (Ynet News)

bullet16.7.2005: Iraq's Christians Fearful of Islamic Law
The long-awaited constitution now being prepared in Iraq could effectively turn the country into an Islamist state, warns the auxiliary bishop of Baghdad. (Zenit)

bullet15.7.2005: Biblical findings near Dead Sea
Fragments of a Biblical manuscript dating back to the last Jewish revolt against Roman rule in 135 AD Judaea, have been uncovered near the Dead Sea in what academics hailed as a sensational discovery. Only a few centimetres long, the pieces contain extracts in Hebrew from the Biblical Book of Leviticus. (Sunday Times)

bullet15.7.2005: Wall breeds rage and causes joblessness
East Jerusalem residents speak about the threats posed by the “security barrier” and about people’s state of mind. They call on foreign governments to have the wall—this obstacle to peace—included in the world’s agenda. (Asia News)

bullet14.7.2005: Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Invaded
The incidents started when Archimandrite Eirinaios Giakoumakis, a close associate of the former Patriarch of Jerusalem, and a group of 30-50 Arab Muslims broke open the doors and entered the building.

bullet13.7.2005: Jewish-Catholic Panel Agrees on Religion-State Ties
Jewish and Catholic leaders meeting in Jerusalem agreed that the relationship between states and religions must be one of collaboration, not antagonism, respecting the autonomy of each. This was the conclusion of the bilateral commission meeting of the delegations of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews and of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church. (Zenit)

bullet13.7.2005: The Ten Commandments. A Jewish Perspective
It's amazing how much has always been at stake in the interpretation of these ten terse phrases. For two thousand years, the Decalogue has served as a potent symbol of the clash between moral cultures. (Jews Week)

bullet13.7.2005: 600 From Holy Land to Attend World Youth Day
Some 600 youths from the Holy Land will join the hundreds of thousands expected at World Youth Day in Germany from Aug. 16-21. Among the pilgrims "is a group of 10 boys from the small Catholic Jewish communities," although almost all of the youths are Palestinians, the Franciscan told the Italian bishops' SIR news agency. (Zenit)

bullet12.7.2005: EU joins outcry against Israel's Jerusalem barrier
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana criticised Israel on Monday for a barrier it is building around Jerusalem, and the Palestinian prime minister said it made a farce of efforts to restart the peace process. (Reuters - AlertNet)

bullet11.7.2005: Ohio Pilgrims Embark on Holy Land Pilgrimage and Fact-Finding Mission
Two parishes in Milford, Ohio and several parishes in Cincinnati, Ohio sent a group of 32 pilgrims to the Holy Land on July 6th. (HCEF)

bullet10.7.2005: Israel’s Wall: A loss of security for all
Whether it is in the form of a chain-link fence, a concrete barrier, a trench, or a tangle of barbed wire, "the wall" that is being built by Israel in the name of security is certainly, as Israeli military orders term it, an "obstacle". (Global Research)

bullet9.7.2005: The Catholic Church in the Holy Land: “Terrorism, a scourge to eradicate”
The Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Mgr Sabbah, sends a message to the Archbishop of Westminster after the London bombings and calls for “prayer to develop a culture of peace, based on tolerance, justice, love and pardon.” (Asia News)

bullet9.7.2005: Wirksworth woman heads for Palestine
A woman from Wirksworth sets off today on a mission to help save lives in Israel and Palestine and bring peace to the war-torn region. She said: "It is about justice and about a just peace. It's not about being on one side or another, but to be a help to those who are advocating peace." (Matlock Today)

bullet9.7.2005: Cardinal Sodano Calls for New Era Without Hatred
In Aftermath of London Attacks. The challenge that follows the deadly terrorist bombings in London is to overcome hatred and prevent the clash of civilizations, says the Vatican secretary of state. (Zenit)

bullet9.7.2005: Bishop of Baghdad speak to the people of London
Mgr Warduni, Auxiliary Chaldean Bishop of Iraq’s capital: “Good will and international and domestic cooperation among governments are the only path to effectively fight terrorism. There is no need to use military force the wrong way; all that is needed is cooperation and internal dialogue to stop these people.” (Asia News)

bullet8.7.2005: Israeli Says Benedict XVI Wants to Visit
Benedict XVI reportedly would like to visit Israel, after he received an invitation from Ariel Sharon, the country's prime minister. "I have already a long list of commitments to visit foreign countries, but Israel has a priority," Israeli communications minister, Dalia Itzik, quoted the Pope as saying, in an Israeli radio report. (Zenit)

bullet 7.7.2005: The Discretorium of the Custody in the Holy Land
From the 1st to the 6th of July 2005 the Discretorium of the Custody of the Holy Land met at St. Saviors Monastery to discuss and evaluate the first year of service of the governing body of the Custody, animated by the fraternity of the Custody engaged in various works of evangelization in the vast territory of our mission. (CTS News)

bullet7.7.2005: Palestinian inquiry says deposed patriarch not linked to land deal
A Palestinian Authority committee of inquiry has cleared Irineos, the deposed Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, of accusations that he was involved in leasing church property to Jewish investors. (Ecumenical News International)

bullet7.7.2005: Palestinian Christians Face Ethnic Cleansing
Abe Ata, Bethlehem: "The Palestinian Christian is an endangered species. Why are Palestinian Christians abandoning their homeland? We have lost hope, that's why. We are treated as non-people. Few outside the Middle East even know we exist, and those who do, conveniently forget." (HCEF)

bullet6.7.2005: Pope Will Visit Phanar
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has made an invitation to Pope Benedict XVI to visit Phanar. Historical Visit will be in November 30, Feast of St. Andrew. (ERT)

bullet6.7.2005: UCC to Israel: 'Tear down the wall'
In the final act of business at the 25th General Synod of the "United Church of Christ", delegates gave overwhelming approval to a resolution urging Israel to remove the separation barrier being constructed on Palestinian territory in the occupied West Bank. (UCC)

bullet 5.7.2005: Peace and all Good
Last week it was more visible what we can expect during the pull out off Gaza. There are heavy emotions among the settlers. I will approach this issue from the opposite side thanks to a nice experience last Thursday. (CTS News)

bullet5.7.2005: Holy Land trip inspires Christians
"It's the land that God himself chose to step on, literally. It's where Jesus walked and talked and taught and gave his life," Waller, pastor of St. Andrew Catholic Church in Milford, said of the land and its people he's become passionate about. (The Enquirer)

bullet5.7.2005: Catholic-Orthodox Theological Talk to Resume
"We have also said that it would be desirable if meetings were verified between monasteries, considering the great importance that monasticism has in the Orthodox Church," he added. "The prospects are absolutely positive." (Zenit)

bullet 4.7.2005: Brother Justino Sánchez returns to Mexico (30.06.2005)
Thirty years ago, in 1975, Br. Justino, a humble and affable Franciscan brother, short in stature but well-loved by everybody, arrived from the Province of the Holy Gospel in Mexico to offer his service to the Holy Land Custody. (CTS News)

bullet 4.7.2005: Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, in the Sanctuary of Gethsemani (3.07.2005)
On Sunday 3 July 2005, at 9.00 a.m. in the Basilica of Gethsemani the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, presided over a solemn concelebrated Mass on the occasion of the feast of the Most Precious Blood of the Lord. (CTS News)

bullet2.7.2005: Iraqi youths searching for God “like water in the desert”
They defied dangers and obstacles to travel in a country at war, they came together in Komane, northern Iraq, from Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk and Maghesh, in search of God “like water in the desert”. (AsiaNews)

bullet2.7.2005: Doha: Jews, Christians and Muslims are exhorted to learn to live together
This was the outcome of a meeting of religions which gathered believers of the monotheistic religions, admitting Jews for the first time. There was strong rejection of terrorism and theories which uphold inter-faith conflict. (AsiaNews)

bullet2.7.2005: The Pool of Siloam Revealed
Archaeologists working in the City of David have uncovered the edge of what they believe is the Pool of Siloam from the time of Jesus. (BiblePlaces)

bullet2.7.2005: Palestinian, Israeli Scholarly Teams Preserve Shared Heritage Sites
Since 2001, two teams of scholars and scientists, one based in Israel, the other in the Palestinian territories, have worked on a cooperative project to preserve historical sites that are important to the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions. Local communities are encouraged to participate in site protection. (US Department of State)

bullet1.7.2005: Pope: Interpretation and capacity of the petrine ministry divides us from the orthodox
But many are the things which unite us, he said, turning to the delegation of the ecumenical patriarchate present in St Peter’s for the feast of the prince of apostles. (AsiaNews)

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