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Jewish cemeteries in the Valley of Jehoshaphat near Jerusalem
When the Son of Man comes in his glory, escorted by all the angels of heaven, he will sit upon his royal throne, and all the nations will be assembled before him. Mt 25:31
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bullet 30.11.2005: Israel slams swearing-in of Theophilos III as a “serious impropriety”
Thursday’s ceremony, which went ahead in spite of official objections, is being called to question. The patriarch has accused Israel of behaving “like the Ottoman Empire”. (AsiaNews)

bullet 30.11.2005: Hope in Christians’ future in the Mid East at the Catholic Patriarchs’ Assembly in Amman
Maronite Patriarch Sfeir expresses appreciation for Syria’s positive response to UN demands. “In the East we suffer from the lack, if not the absence of justice and peace,” says Iraqi Patriarch Delly. (AsiaNews)

bullet 29.11.2005: Istanbul Fraternity Franciscans on inter-religious dialogue
Fr. Ruben Tierrablanca e Fr. Gwenole Jeusset were in the Custody of the Holy Land from 21 to 25 November 2005. They were invited by the Secretariat for Ongoing Formation to give a series of talks on the theme of Inter-religious dialogue. (CTS News)

bullet 29.11.2005: Sunday School in Jaffa to collect money for poor children
Last Sunday we started our Christmas sale and it will continued till the 7/12. The sale is open every day from 16:00 - 21:00. (CTS News)

bullet 29.11.2005: Accord paves way for new Red Cross emblem
Israeli and Palestinian emergency services have signed a cooperation agreement in Switzerland, paving the way for the adoption of a new Red Cross emblem. The historic accord, which was brokered by the Swiss government, comes a week before a diplomatic conference in Geneva on whether to approve a third humanitarian symbol – the Red Crystal. (swissinfo)

bullet 28.11.2005: Advent a Time to Hope for Renewal, Says Pope
Upon embarking on the liturgical season of Advent, Benedict XVI invited Christians to renew their confidence in the possibility of building a better world. (Zenit)

bullet 28.11.2005: Caritas Backs Day of Solidarity With Palestinians
Caritas Internationalis appealed to world leaders to support the U.N.'s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. (Zenit)

bullet 26.11.2005: Enthronement of Theophilos III, a new chapter in the relationship between Catholics and Orthodox
“Theophilos III is a good person, educated and cordial,” Father Athanasius said. He has already said that he is looking forward to renewing and strengthening ties amongst the various Christian denominations in the Holy Land.” (AsiaNews)

bullet 25.11.2005: Memorial Hall near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
The Franciscan Custody has set aside an adjacent building near the entrance of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem that will serve as “MEMORIAL HALL”. This Hall will house decorative wooden panels along its walls with affixed engraved brass plates so as to reflect the names of those wishing to maintain a perpetual memorial adjacent to the Church of the Nativity. (CTS News)

bullet 25.11.2005: Catholic Community in Jerusalem Marks an Anniversary
The community celebrated its golden anniversary with Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Franciscan Custodian of the Holy Land, who for years has personally cared for this small community "to keep alive the memory of the bond between Christianity and its Jewish roots,"... (Zenit)

bullet 25.11.2005: Pontifical Mass presided by His Grace Mgr. Fouad Twal
In the afternoon hours of 19 November, in the Cocathedral Church of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the new Coadiutor Bishop, Mgr. Fouad Twal, celebrated his inaugural Pontifical Mass.  Mgr. Twal has been nominated Coadiutor Bishop to the Latin Patriarch, after having been Archbishop of Tunis. (CTS News)

bullet 25.11.2005: Progress in negotiations between the Holy See and Israel
Official delegations from the Holy See and the State of Israel met today in Israel. At the end of their talks the two sides, which together constitute the Bilateral Permanent Working Commission... (AsiaNew)

bullet 24.11.2005: An Orthodox Christian Monk saved the life of a Muslim Prince
In 1951 Father Theodosios Makkos saved the life of Prince Hussein who later became king of Jordan. Father Theodosios was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor, present day Turkey, on July 11, 1913. (HNA)

bullet 23.11.2005: Theofilos sworn in as new Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Holy Land
Surrounded by hundreds of hushed supporters crowded into one of Christianity's holiest sites, Theofilos III was sworn in Tuesday as the new Greek Orthodox Patriarch in the Holy Land, despite Israel's delay in approving the appointment. (Haaretz)

bullet 22.11.2005: Bishops: the Middle East needs Lebanese Christians
The Assembly of Patriarchs and Bishops ended with an appeal to the international community. The need of a journey of Christian formation “to sow the seeds of revival” was underlined. Cardinal Sfeir recalled the value of independence. (AsiaNews)

bullet 21.11.2005: Visit to Armenian Jerusalem
The Armenian and Jewish peoples have several things in common: Both have a defined religion and nationality, both have a past of continuous pogroms and persecutions, and both have been subjected to genocide – the Armenians during the first World War and the Jews during the second. (ynetnews)

bullet 21.11.2005: Holy Land Custodian Vicar says on the occasion of Israeli president’s visit to the Vatican
Promote good relations with the people of Israel, support Christians in the Holy Land were two questions brought to international attention by Franciscan Fr Artemio Vitores, Order of Friars Minor, Vicar of the Holy Land Custodian in Jerusalem on the occasion of Israeli president Moshe Katsav’s visit to the Vatican. (Fides)

bullet 19.11.2005: Rare seal bearing Jesus image found in Tiberias
Prof. Yizhar Hirschfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is directing the dig, said the seal apparently belonged to a high-ranking church official, and indicated that the church in Tiberias "was stronger than we had thought." (Haaretz)

bullet 18.11.2005: Pope receives Israeli President, reiterates agreements must be implemented
Benedict XVI told Moshe Katzav that the Holy See is in favour of a two-state solution: Israel and Palestine. He also insisted on the Church’s demands that agreements already signed that recognise its legal status in Israel be respected. (AsiaNews)

bullet 18.11.2005: New archaeological finds stir Baptist scholars’ interest
National headlines announcing three recent archaeological discoveries not only reaffirm the historical trustworthiness of the Bible’s narratives, they also highlight the important role biblical archaeology plays in Old and New Testament studies. (bpnews)

bullet 17.11.2005: City of Bethlehem calls the world's attention to its Plight
The initiative is designed to transcend the imprisonment of the city by a combination of the illegal wall and militarised fences, with only two gates to the outside world. (religionnews)

bullet 16.11.2005: Campaign The White Band Donation Day for the poor (5/11/2005)
The symbol of the campaign is a simple White Band worn around the wrist, your arm - in fact anywhere you like that it can be seen by everyone.(CTS News)

bullet 16.11.2005: Hillary in the Holy Land
Senator Clinton, along with her husband Bill, paid a visit to Israel this past weekend. The former President Clinton was a featured speaker at a mass rally that marked the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. (onlinejournal)

bullet 16.11.2005: On the Israeli President's Upcoming Visit to Pope
This Thursday, Benedict XVI is scheduled to receive Israeli President Moshe Katsav in audience in the Vatican.For perspective on the implications of this meeting, ZENIT interviewed Jean-Marie Allafort, correspondent in Jerusalem for the French broadcasting station Radio Esperance. (Zenit)

bullet 16.11.2005: Agreement to reopen border between Gaza and Egypt
As from 25 November, Gaza will no longer be isolated. Direct involvement from the EU is foreseen as well as joint video-surveillance on transit through Rafah crossing. This spells out success for Rice. (AsiaNews)

bullet 15.11.2005: Jewish-Catholic Ties Advancing, Says Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI spoke of a "more effective cooperation" between Jews and Catholics, when he received in audience a delegation from the U.S.-based Simon Wiesenthal Center. (Zenit)

bullet 15.11.2005: Christian peace journalists narrowly avoid Jordan bomb
A group of senior peace and justice journalists visiting Jordan from the US Associated Church Press network narrowly avoided death or injury in the bombings of three hotels in Amman last week. (HCEF)

bullet 15.11.2005: New Labour leader calls for an “end to the occupation”
The new leader of Israel's Labour Party, Amir Peretz, called for an end to Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories.(AsiaNews)

bullet 14.11.2005: Ongoing Formation meeting for Friars living in Judea
More than nintey Franciscan friars from the Holy Land Custody who live in the friaries of Judea met at the Retreat Centre of Our Lady Ark of the Covenant, at Qiryat Ye'arim on Thursday 10 November, for a one day session of ongoing formation.(CTS News)

bullet 14.11.2005: The Church has three new blessed, including Charles de Foucauld
French-born Foucauld (1858-1916) was beatified today along with two Italian religious: Maria Pia Pastena (1881-1951), founder of the Sisters of the Holy Face, and Maria Crocifissa Curcio (1877-1957), founder of the Congregation of Carmelite Missionary Religious of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus. (Zenit)

bullet 14.11.2005: Father Jaeger: give substance back to accord between Israel and Holy See
With Moshe Katzav soon to visit to the Vatican, an expert jurist -- a Catholic citizen of Israel -- tells of the difficulties and hopes pertaining to the relationship between the Catholic Church and the state of Israel. (AsiaNews)

bullet 14.11.2005: Scientists find ‘Goliath’ inscribed on pottery
Archaeologists digging at the purported biblical home of Goliath have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of the Philistine’s name. (msn)

bullet 11.11.2005: Franciscan Cardinal on pilrgimage
The Franciscan Cardinal Archbishop of Seville, Spain, His Eminence Carlos Amigo, was recently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The pilgrimage was organized by the office of pilgrims and tourists of the archdiocese of Seville, whose director is Fr. Álvaro Dorado, brother of Fr. Rafael Dorado, the guardian of the sanctuary of Gethsemani.(CTS News)

bullet 11.11.2005: A letter from Christian visitors to Israel
We are Christians who went to see our local Passion Play about the Death and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We happened to see a brochure about the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and the annual Feast of the Tabernacles that they sponsor every year during Succot. (israpundit)

bullet 11.11.2005: Bethlehem launches own passport
The initiative is designed to draw attention to the fact that the city is now 'imprisoned' by the separation wall and militarised fences, with only two gates to the outside world. (ekklesia)

bullet 11.11.2005: Israel officially “objects” to the inauguration ceremony of Theophilos III
Israeli government objects to holding this ceremony, intended to validate the removal of Patriarch Ireneos. Patriarchate’s sharp reply: “Outright and inappropriate interference in our autonomy and in the religious freedom”. (AsiaNews)

bullet 11.11.2005: Al-Qaida claims Amman attacks
The Pope have condemned "the cruel acts of violence and disrespect for law and human life". The death toll has climbed to 56 with 93 injured. The head of PNA Intelligence was among the victims. The Jordanian authorities have announced arrests. (AsiaNews)

bullet 10.11.2005: Move the Prison, Save the Church, Israeli Archaeologists Say
Israeli archaeologists are urging the Israeli government to move a maximum security prison to preserve the remains of what is thought to be Israel's oldest church. The remains were discovered about three weeks ago on prison grounds. (cnsnews)

bullet 10.11.2005: Christian activist and Muslim painter from Bethlehem meet the Pope
A Christian activist and a Muslim artist met Pope Benedict XVI in today’s general audience bringing a gift from Muslims and a gesture of brotherhood to show that Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land are part of the same people and want the same thing: Peace. (AsiaNews)

bullet 10.11.2005: A theme park for the Holy Land?
Officials in Israel say that out of about 2 million people who will realize their dream of visiting the Holy Land this year, more than half will be Christian. And among those, more than half will be Evangelical. (csmonitor)

bullet 10.11.2005: Nazareth Project Uniting Christians, Jews and Muslims
The project is coordinated by the Mary of Nazareth Association, which arose in France. Auxiliary Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo is the delegate of the Assembly of the Bishops of the Holy Land whose goal is to support the initiative. (Zenit)

bullet 9.11.2005: Israel-Vatican relations need a new stage
The Delegations of the Holy See and the State of Israel met on Monday 7 November for a round of negotiations which lasted about four hours. (AsiaNews)

bullet 8.11.2005: Arab Christians and relations with the West
Arab Christians have always been an integral part of Arab Society. Yet in the confrontations between the Arab world and the nominally Christian West, Arab Christians have been uniquely situated to play a vital role. (daralhayat)

bullet 8.11.2005: Press Conference to launch Open Bethlehem- an international campaign to save the city
An initiative spearheaded by the citys civil institutions to keep alive this  international religious and cultural treasure as the illegal* wall surrounding the town is completed and the existence of this historic city is threatened. (HCEF)

bullet 8.11.2005: Christians gather at Downing Street on Berlin Wall anniversary
The Patriach of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, who is also President of Pax Christi International has, with other Church leaders from Jerusalem, spoken against the wall. (ekklesia)

bullet 7.11.2005: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site to Vatican
According to the reports, Israel will give the Holy See possession of the Coenaculum, or the Room of the Last Supper (also known as the Upper Room or the Cenacle), on Mount Zion. (Haaretz)

bullet 7.11.2005: Archaeologists unveil ancient church in Israel
Israeli prisoner Ramil Razilo was removing rubble from the planned site of a new prison ward when his shovel uncovered the edge of an elaborate mosaic, unveiling what Israeli archaeologists said Sunday may be the Holy Land’s oldest church. (msnbc)

bullet 4.11.2005: Holy See's U.N. Address on Holocaust Remembrance
Here is the address delivered Tuesday by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See's permanent observer to the United Nations, before the U.N. General Assembly on "Holocaust Remembrance." (Zenit)

bullet 4.11.2005: Kasper and Israel president deny Last Supper Room 'site swap'
Reports that Israel and the Vatican plan a religious "site swap", giving the Church control of the Last Supper Room in David's Tomb on Jerusalem's Mount Zion in exchange for Jewish control of the ancient Toledo Synagogue in Spain, were denied on Wednesday by President Moshe Katsav and Cardinal Walter Kasper. (cathnews)

bullet 4.11.2005: The Magnificate Institute presents 10th Year Anniversary
The "Magnificate" was born and will grow with them. The dream is reality that will continue into the future. Free Entry at St. Saviour's Monastery, New Gate, Jerusalem. (CTS News)

bullet 3.11.2005: Plight of Palestinian Christians Lamented
The Holy See lamented the difficulties Christians face in the Holy Land, when it addressed the United Nations on international aid to Palestinian refugees. (Zenit)

bullet 3.11.2005: Bethlehem Mission aids families in city of Jesus's birth
There's plenty of room at the inn in Bethlehem these days. Plenty of empty tables in restaurants and seats on tour buses. Plenty of souvenirs. (townonline)

bullet 3.11.2005: Police probe leading archeologist
A former head of the archeology department at Bar-Ilan University and an associate are suspected of a series of antiquities violations after they bought what is believed to be a 1,900-year-old biblical scroll from a Beduin family for $3,000. (JPost)

bullet 1.11.2005: The ambassador of Portugal and his wife see Jerusalem with the Franciscans
The ambassador of Portugal in Israel H.E. Pedro Nuno Bártolo and his wife Maria da Gloria Osório de Melo Bártolo with their guests wanted to see Jerusalem and its Holy Places with the Franciscans. (CTS News)

bullet 1.11.2005: Tiberias' ancient black basalt structures in danger of collapse
"Just as Tel Aviv is the White City, you could call Tiberias the Black Basalt City," says a local resident. However, over the last few years, the "Black City" has been losing its unique buildings due to neglect and ignorance of the city's heritage. (Haaretz)

bullet 1.11.2005: Judeo-Christian Dialogue Nearing "a Promised Land"
Ángel Kreiman, the grand rabbi of Chile from 1970 to 1990, says he believes that "we have arrived at a new stage in the relationship between Jews and Christians." (Zenit)

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