Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


The modern city of Bordeaux and the river Garonne
A silver cup in the shape of a Roman milestone found in Vicarello (Italy)
The Roman itinerary engraved on the Vicarello cup.

The Text: 1. From Bordeaux to Milan

    [549] An itinerary from Bordeaux to Jerusalem, and from Heraclea (Eregli) through Aulon (Valona), and through the city of Rome to Milan. As follows:

    The city of Bordigala (Bordeaux), where is the river Garonne [pct.1], in which the ocean ebbs and flows for one hundred leagues [ftn.1], more or less.

    [550] Change at Stomatae (Castres) - leagues vii.
    Change at Senone
    (Sirio, Pont de Ciron) - leagues ix.
    City of Vasates
    (Cossio, Bazas) - leagues viii.
    Change at Three Trees - leagues v.
    Change at Oscineium
    (Houeilles ?) - leagues viii.
    Change at Scotium
    (Sotium, Sos) - leagues viii.
    Town of Elusa
    (Eauze) - leagues viii.
    Change at Vanesia - leagues xii.
    City of Auscius
    (Climberrum, Augusta Auscorum, Auch) - leagues viii.
    Change at the sixth league - leagues vi.
    Change at Hungunverrum - leagues vii.
    Change at Buccones
    (L'Isle en Jourdain ?) - leagues vii.
    [551] Change at the Temple of Jupiter - leagues vii.
    City of Tolosa
    (Toulouse) - leagues vii.
    Change at the ninth milestone - miles
    [ftn.2] ix.
    Change at the twentieth milestone - miles xi.
    Halt at Elusio - miles ix.
    Change at Sostomagus
    (Castelnaudary ?) - miles ix.
    Town of Hebromagus
    (Bram) - miles x.
    Change at Caedri - miles vi.
    Fortress of Carcasso
    (Carcassonne) - miles viii.
    Change at the three-hundredth milestone - miles viii.
    [552] Change at Hosuerbas - miles xv.
    City of Narbo
    (Narbonne) - miles xv.
    City of Beterrae
    (Baeterrae, Béziers) - miles xvi.
    Halt at Cessaro
    (Cessero, Araura, St. Thibéry) - miles xii.
    Change at Forum Domiti - miles xviii.
    Change at Sustantio
    (Sextantio, Soustantion) - miles xv.
    Change at Ambrosius
    (Ambrussum) - miles xv.
    City of Nemausus
    (Nimes) - miles xv.
    Change at Pons Herarus
    (Aerarius, Bellegarde) - miles xvi.
    City of Arelate
    (Arles) - miles viii.

    [553] Total from Bordeaux to Arles 372 miles, 30 changes, 11 halting-places.

    Change at Arnago (Ernaginum, St. Gabriel) - miles viii.
    Change at Bellintum - miles x.
    City of Avinio
    (Avenio, Avignon) - miles v.
    Change at Cepressata - miles v.
    City of Arausio
    (Orange) - miles xv.
    Change at Letoce - miles xiii.
    Change at Novem Craris - miles x.
    Halt at Acunum
    (Anconne) - miles xv.
    Change at Vancianis
    (Bancs) - miles xii.
    [554] Change at Umbennum - miles xii.
    City of Valentia
    (Valence) - miles ix.
    Change at Cerebelliaca - miles xii.
    Halt at Augusta
    (Aoust) - miles x
    Change at Darentiaca - miles xii.
    City of Dea Vocontiorum
    (Die) - miles xvi.
    Halt at Lucus
    (Luc) - miles xii.
    Change at Vologatis
    (Vaugielas ?) - miles ix.
    [555] Here begins the Gaura Mountain.

    Change at Cambonum (La Combe ?) - miles viii.
    Halt at the Hill of Seleucus
    (Mont-Saléon) - miles viii.
    Change at Davianum
    (Veynes) - miles viii.
    Change at the frontier - miles xii.

    Halt at
    Vapincum (Gap) - miles xi. [pcts.2,3]
    Halt at Catoricae
    (Caturigae, Chorges) - miles xii.
    Halt at Ebrodunum
    (Embrun) - miles xvi.

    Here begin the Cottian Alps.

    Change at Rame (Rame) - miles xvii.
    Halt at Byrigantum
    (Brigantium, Briançon) - miles xvii.

    [556] Here you ascend the Matrona (Mont Genêvre).

    Change at Gesdaona (Gesdao, Sesanne) - miles x.
    Halt at Temple of Mars - miles ix.
    City of Segussio
    (Segusio, Susa) - miles xvi.

    Here begins Italy.

    Change at the twelfth milestone - miles xii.
    Halt at the frontier - miles xii.
    Change at the eighth milestone - miles viii.
    City of Taurini
    (Turin) - miles viii.
    Change at the tenth milestone - miles x.
    [557] Halt at Quadratae - miles xii.
    Change at Ceste - miles xi.
    Halt at Regomagus
    (Rigomagus, Rinco) - miles viii.
    Change at Mediae - miles x.
    Change at Cottiae
    (Cozzo) - miles xiii.
    Halt at Laumellum
    (Lomello) - miles xii.
    Change at Duni
    (Duriae, Dorno) - miles ix.
    City of
    Ticinum (Pavia) - miles xii. [pct.2,3]
    Change at the tenth milestone - miles x.
    City of Mediolanum
    (Milan) - miles x.
    Halt at Cold Rivers - miles xii.

    [558] Total from Arles to Milan 475 miles, 63 changes, 22 halting-places. [follows]


1. The Gallic league was equal to 1+1/2 Roman Miles, or 2375 m. The writer is referring here to the estuary of the river Garonne, which is in reality 50 miles long. back

2. The Roman Mile (meaning "one thousands steps - milia passuum") was a little shorter than an English Mile, measuring just 1450 m. back

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