Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


River Drava at Ptuj (Slovenia), in ancient Pannonnia

A coin of Emperor Diocletian

Diocletian Palace in Split (Croatia)

The Text: 3. From Sirmium to Constantinople
    City of Sirmium (Mitrovitca) [pct.7]- miles viii

    Total from Aquileia to Sirmium 412 miles, 77 halting-places, 39 changes.

    Change at Fossi - miles ix.
    City of Bassiani - miles x.
    Change at Noviciani - miles xii.
    Change at Altina - miles xi.
    City of Singidunum
    (Belgrad) - miles viii.

    [564] Frontier of Pannonia and Mysia (Moesia).

    Change at the sixth milestone - miles vi.
    Change at Tricornia Castra
    (Ritopek) - miles vi.
    Change at the sixth milestone - miles vii.
    City of Aureus Mons - miles vi.
    Change at Vingeium
    (Vinceia, Semendria) - miles vi.
    City of Margus - miles ix.
    City of Viminatium - miles x.

    Where Diocletian [pcts.8, 9] killed Carinus.

    Change at the ninth milestone - miles ix.
    [565] Halt at Municipium - miles ix.
    Change at Jovis Pagus
    (Glapowaz ?) - miles x.
    Change at Bao - miles vii.
    Halt at Idomum
    (Idimus) - miles ix.
    Change at the eighth milestone - miles ix.
    Halt at Oromagus
    (Horreum Margi, Tjuprija ?) - miles viii.

    Frontier of Mysia (Moesia) and Dacia.

    Change at Sarmatae (Paratjin) - miles xi.
    Change at Cametae - miles xi.
    [566] Halt at Ipompei (Pompeii) - miles ix.
    Change at Rappiana
    (Alexinatz) - miles xii.
    City of Naissus
    (Nisch) - miles xii.
    Change at Redices
    (Banja) - miles xii.
    Change at Ulmus - miles vii.
    Halt at Romansiana
    (Remesiana, Ak Palanka) - miles ix.
    Change at Latina - miles ix.
    Halt at Turres
    (Pirot) - miles ix.
    Change at Translites - miles xii.
    Change at Ballanstra - miles x.
    Halt at Meldia - miles ix.
    Change at Scretesca - miles xii.
    [567] City of Serdica (Sophia) - miles xi.
    Total from Sirmium to Sophia 3 14 miles,24 changes, 13 halts.

    Change at Extuomnes - miles viii.
    Halt at Buracara
    (Bagaraca) - miles viii.
    Change at Sparata - miles viii.
    Halt at Hilica
    (Ichtiman) - miles x.
    Change at Soneium - miles ix.

    Frontier of Dacia and Thracia.

    Change at Pons Ucasi - miles vi.
    Halt at Bona Mansio - miles vi.
    [568] Change at Alusor - miles ix.
    Halt at Bassapara
    (Tatar Bazarjik) - miles xii.
    Change at Tugugerum - miles ix.
    City of Philippopolis
    (Philippopoli) - miles xii.
    Change at Sernota - miles x.
    Change at Paramvole - miles viii.
    Halt at Cillium - miles xii.
    Change at Carassura - miles ix.
    Halt at Arzus
    (Arsus, Chaskeui) - miles xi.
    Change at Palae - miles vii.
    Halt at Castozobra
    (Subzopara, Castra Iarba, Harmanly) - miles xi.
    Change at Rammes - miles vii.
    [569] Halt at Burdista (Burdipta, Mustafa Pasha Kenpri) - miles xi.
    Change at Daphabe - miles xi.
    Halt at Nice - miles ix.
    Change at Tarpodizus
    (Buyuk Derbend) - miles x.
    Change at Urisium - miles vii.
    Halt at Virgoli
    (Bergule, Lule Bergas) - miles vii.
    Change at Narium - miles viii.
    Halt at Drizupara - miles ix.
    Change at Tipsus - miles x.
    Halt at Tunorullum
    (Izirallum, Chorlu) - miles xi.
    [570] Change at Beodizum - miles viii.
    City of Heraclea
    (Eregli) - miles ix.
    Change at Braunne - miles xii.
    Halt at Salamembria
    (Silivri) - miles x.
    Change at Eallum
    (Lalos) - miles x.
    Halt at Atyral
    (Buyuk Chelmejeh) - miles x.
    Halt at Regio
    (Regium, Kutchuk Ckeimejeh) - miles xii.
    City of
    Constantinople [pct.10] - miles xii.

    [571] Total from Sophia to Constantinople 413 miles, 12 changes, 20 halts.

    Grand total from Bordeaux to Constantinople 2,221 miles, 230 changes, 112 halts. [follows]

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