Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


Archaeological remains of the Roman Forum
The Clitumnus source: church built over a pagan temple
Two milestones of the
Via Aemilia found near Rimini

The Text: 11. From Rome to Milan
    To the City of Mediolanum (Milan).

    Change at Rubrae (Saxa Rubra, Prima Porta) - miles ix.
    [613] Change at the twentieth milestone - miles xiv.
    Change at Aqua Viva - miles xii.
    City of Utriculo, halt
    (Ocriculum, Otricoli) - miles xii.
    City of Narnia
    (Narni) - miles xii.
    City of Interamna
    (Terni) - miles viii.
    Change at Tres Tabernae - miles iii.
    Change at Fanum Fugitivi
    (La Somma) - miles x.
    City of Spolitio
    (Spoletium, Spoleto) - miles vii.
    Change at
    Sacraria (Clitumnus, Le Vene) [pct.38] - miles viii.
    City of Trevi
    (Trebia, Trevi) - miles iv.
    City of Fulgini
    (Fulginium, Foligno) - miles v.
    [614] City of Forum Flamini (S. Giovani pro Fiamma) - miles iii.
    City of Noceria
    (Nuceria, Nocera) - miles xii.
    City of Ptanias
    (Tadinum, Gualdo Tadino) - miles viii.
    Halt at Herbellum
    (Helvillum Sigillo) - miles vii.
    Change at Hesis
    (Aesis, Scheggia) - miles x.
    Change at Cale
    (Cales, Cagli) - miles xiv.
    Change at Intercisa
    (Petra Pertusa, Passo del Furlo) - miles ix.
    [615] City of Forum Semproni (Fossombrone) - miles ix.
    Change at the eighth milestone - miles ix.
    City of Fanum Fortunae
    (Fano) - miles viii.
    City of Pisaurum
    (Pesaro) - miles xxiv.

    ... to Riminum (Ariminum, Rimini) [pct.39]

    Change at Conpetus (Ad Confluentes, Savignano) - miles xii.
    City of Cesena
    (Caesena, Cesena) - miles vi.
    [616] City of Forum Populi (Forum Popilii, ForIimpopoli) - miles vi.
    City of Forum Livi
    (F. Livii, Forli') - miles vi.
    City of Faventia
    (Faenza) - miles v.
    City of Forum Corneli
    (F. Cornelii, Imola) - miles x.
    City of Claternum
    (Claterna, S. Nicolo') - miles xiii.
    City of Bononia (Bologna) - miles x.
    Change at Mediae - miles xv.
    Change at Victoriolae - miles x.
    City of Mutena
    (Mutina, Modena) - miles iii.
    Change at the bridge over the Secia
    (Tresinaro) - miles v.
    City of Regio
    (Regium Lepidum, Reggio) - miles viii.
    Change at Canneto
    (Tannetum, Tanneto) - miles x.
    City of Parma
    (Parma) - miles viii.
    Change at the river Tarus
    (Taro) - miles vii.
    Halt at Fidentia
    (Borgo San Donnino) - miles viii.
    Change at Fonticuli
    (Alla Fontana) - miles viii.
    City of
    Placentia (Piacenza) - miles xiii.
    [617] Change at Rota (Quadrata) - miles xi.
    Change at Tres Tabernae - miles v.
    City of Laude
    (Laus Pompeia, Lodi Vecchio) - miles ix.
    Change at the ninth milestone - miles vii.
    City of Mediolanum (Milan) - miles vii.

    Sum total from the city of Rome to Mediolanum (Milan) 416 miles, 42 changes, 24 halts.

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