Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

The Mount of Olives - Bethany

[19:1-18] The Mount of Olives

Matt 24:1-26:2 (Jesus instructs his Apostles)
Acts 1:6-12 (Ascension)

How surpassing sweet thou art,
lofty Mountain, from which
Christ the Lord looked into heaven!

And from that famous valley
I will mount those steps,
and venerate the Mount of Olives
from which he ascended into heaven.

Highly will I praise
the endless depth of the divine Wisdom,
by which he saved me,
swiftly will I pass thence to the place,

Where, to his venerable companions,
he taught the divine mysteries
shedding light into secret depths,
there, under that roof, may I be!

Then let me go out
through the Great Door onto the steps,
and regard the beauty of the Holy City
lying over to the west.

How sweet it is to see thy fair beauty,
City of God, from the Mount of Olives!

Panorama of Jerusalem

The Ascension (Lateran Reliquarium)

The Ascension

The Tomb of Lazarus [19:19-24] Bethany, the Tomb of Lazarus
John 11:1-46

And going on to the Tomb of Lazarus,
the man dead for four days,
we give glory to the King
who raised him to life.

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