Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


[19:25-40] At Bethlehem

And soon may I come, consumed
with the heat of a holy desire,
to the townlet of Bethlehem,
birthplace of the King of All.

And entering in
to the sacred Tetrastoon, the lovely Triconch's
that holy building,
I shall rejoice.

May Christ, who was revealed there, grant me
to see all the beauties of Holy Bethlehem.

And when I see all the glistening gold
the well-fashioned columns and fine workmanship,
let me be freed
from the gloom of sorrows.

I will also look up at the design above,
at the coffers studded with stars,
for they are a masterpiece,
brilliant with heavenly beauty.

Aerial view of Betlehem

The Basilica of the Nativity

Jesus Child in the Manger

The Nativity (Lateran Reliquarium)

[19:41-56] The Grotto

Matt 2:18-25 (The Birth of Jesus)
Luke 2:1-7 (The Birth of Jesus)
Matt 2:16-18 (The massacre of the Infants)

Let me go down also to the cave
where the Virgin Queen of All
bore a Saviour for mankind,
true God and true Man.

The shining slab which received
the infant God,
I will touch,
with my eyes, my mouth, my forehead,
to gain its blessing.

Let me come and venerate
the glorious Manger
by which I, the mindless
have been nourished by God's Word.

Let me reach the cave
of the infants who together
were slain by the envious rage of Herod
when the Word came to human birth.

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