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Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land
Social Projects

Subsidized housing for Christians

Two housing projects are already completed: one in the town of Bethany and the other in Beit-Hanina. Jericho, Ram, Bethphage and Bethlehem on the other hand are not yet underway. All the sites in which projects have begun or will begin are considered to be Palestinian towns with a modest number of Christians residing there. Jericho and Bethlehem are now under the Palestinian National Authority while Bethany and Bethphage are not.

The towns are deeply embedded in Christian tradition. From the beginning they played an important role in the ministry of our Lord. Beth any for example is the hometown of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, close friends of Jesus; it is the village in which He raised Lazarus from the dead and where Lazarus' tomb still remains. Bethphage, on the other hand, is the location for the beginning of the annual Palm Sunday procession into Jerusalem. The present church, constructed in 1883, stands where a 4th century church was erected to commemorate Martha and Mary meeting Jesus on his way to raise Lazarus from the dead. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Jericho is also quite important to our Judeo-Christian heritage. It was in Jericho, that Jesus healed the blind man; and it is the place noted as the beginning of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Housing Units

The twenty-four housing units will each be four stories tall and will have parking, planting areas, internal circulatory sidewalks, and a small sports field. The surface area of each housing units will be between 2,000 and 3,000 square meters or 6,000 to 9,000 square feet.

Design criteria for the housing complex is based on the existing tract of land, accessibility, type and size of units required, gardens and leisure areas, cost of construction materials and labor as well as electrical and mechanical installations.

Jericho Complex

The purpose of the proposed project is: to provide basic living accommodations for our Christian people and to provide basic medical care through a clinic for the general populace of the region of Jericho, a facility that is desperately needed.

The proposed Jericho complex will include the construction of twenty-four housing units as well as the construction of en 'Out-patient Medical Clinic' a ground floor facility consisting of twenty rooms.

The parcel of land on which the proposed project will be built has an approximate surface area of 17,000 square meters or 50,000 square feet, and will be designed to meet the climatic conditions of the Jericho region with regards to insulation, landscape, space for external activities, etc.

Maternal/Child Care/Out-patient Medical Clinic

The twenty room medical clinic will be constructed as a ground floor facility with sufficient parking and landscaped areas around the facility. It will also have an adjoining ramp near the entrance of the facility for wheelchair accessibility. The clinic will have a reception and waiting area, three administrative offices, a staff room with kitchen, four examination rooms, an X-ray room, minor operating room, storage area, two sections for patient's room plus restrooms.

The surface area of the proposed clinic is 800 square meters or 2,400 square feet. Both the clinic and housing units will utilize the latest 'state of the art' in thermal insulation, waterproofing, and heating systems so as to improve the construction standards and quality.

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