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Pope John Paul II Arrives at Amman
Amman 20.03.2000

His Holiness Pope John Paul II arrived at Queen Alia International Airport to begin his pilgrimage in the Holy Land. A fanfare saluted him together with 21 canon shots as a salute. As soon as he came down from the plane he was presented with some Jordanian soil which he blessed. He was welcomed by Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania. He was also welcomed by His Beatitude the Patriarch Michel Sabbah. Present also were other bishops and the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Giovanni Battistelli. Jordanian Flags blew in the breeze next to the Vatican white and yellow flag on top of the Airport buildings. After greeting the local authorities the National hymn of the Vatican and that of Jordan were played.

The Pope and the King walked side by side to the airport building. Here His Royal Highness King Abdallah welcomed His Holiness expressing his best wishes and gave the Pope a heartfelt welcome. The message of reconciliation and Peace brought by the Pope all over the world is "a call for all believers in peace not to loose hope". To learn to live in peace and harmony is an effort to be followed so that this does not remain only dreams but become a reality. The King expressed also his experience of his pilgrimage to Mecca last week were he said he was blessed by the Grace of God. He then expressed in Arabic a prayer in which he placed at the hands of God all people of good will. The King concluded his speech by welcoming in the name of all Jordanians in this Land of Jordan. The Pope Replied with a speech.Afterwards all lesft the padillion.




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