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Interreligious Meeting
Jerusalem - Pontifical Institute Notre Dame,
March 23, 2000 at 6.00 pm

The Pope arrived at Notre Dame accompanied by the chief rabbi and vice-supreme judge for this interreligious meeting with the theme "pray for the peace of Jerusalem". On his arrival the assembly made up of people come from different walks of life and faiths welcomed him with a long applause to which His Holiness replied with a hand gesture.

Introducing the meeting as a meeting of people of goodwill in the context that the world's religioins can find a way for promoting peace. This welcome was also extended to all those present being all descendents of the same father Abraham. A welcome to all those present especially the children as they are the hope for the future of this land.

Three children choirs representing the three monoteistic religions where introduced. Their performance was intersperced with speeches from the Jewish and Moslem representative and the presentation of the various projects prepared by the children of Jerusalem. During these speeches the Pope listened attentively even if the Moslem representative spoke in Arabic. The children presented the paintings which formed part of their project for peace to the Pope. The Pope then delivered his speech.


The ceremony went on with the presentation of the song Jerusalem for Peace which was accompanied by an ensemble made up of Jewish and Arab performers and also by the three choirs combined together. A song dedicated to the memory of Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin. After this an olive tree was brought to the stage by the representatives of the Jewish-Palestinian youths who had already met the Pope in rome in September 1999 and to whom the Pope had promised to meet them in Jerusalem, a promise which was being fulfilled today. This brought to an end this moment of interreligious meeting.

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