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                bullet The Sanctuary on the tomb of Mary

Apochrypha about the "Dormition of Mary"
The various surviving texts of what is known as the "Dormitio Mariae" cycle are based on an original document from the Judeo-Christian tradition composed towards the second century in the Mother Church of Jerusalem for the liturgical annual commemoration at the tomb of the Virgin
                bullet John the theologian
                bullet Melito of Sardis
                bullet Joseph of Arimathea

                bullet Theodosius of Alexandria
                bullet Cyril of Jerusalem
                Bishop of Jerusalem and Doctor of the Church,
                born about 315; died probably 18 March, 386.
                bullet John of Damascus 1
                Born at Damascus, about 676; died some time
                between 754 and 787.
                bullet John of Damascus 2
                bullet John of Damascus 3
                bullet Evodius of Rome

  Church's Doctrine
                bullet Deiparae Virginis Mariae
                bullet Munificentissimus Deus

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