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Archaeological soundings

A view of Sion

Archaeological soundings made in 1951 by J. Pinkerfeld it would seem that the Tomb of David has the appearance of an ancient synagogue. The hypothesis that this was not a synagogue but a "church-synagogue" of the primitive church of Jerusalem are based on the fact that the jews were forbidden all access to Jerusalem due to the Jewish revolts carried out against Rome. The Christians though had access to the city and had situated on Sion the centre for their liturgical reunions. Christian graffiti found in the area confirm this Christian presence on Sion.

Limited archaeological soundings were carried out by Fr. Bellarmino Bagatti and Fr. Eugenio Alliata in the area of the Franciscan Convent (1981) and by Fr B. Pixner in the Benedictine monastery of the Dormition of Mary (1986). Restoration works terminated for this Easter 1996, have brought to light on the Cenacle walls, particularly in the hall of the "Holy Spirit" numerous traces of the christian presence and of the christian cult going back to the byzantine era!

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