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bullet* Beginning
bullet* Memories till

bullet* Arrival of

bullet* Franciscan
     Sion 1

bullet* Franciscan
     Sion 2

bullet* Franciscan
     Sion 3

bullet* Archaeology
bullet* Reflection
bullet* Reflexion
bullet* Jeudi saint
bullet* Séder Juif

bullet1Cor 11,17-34
bullet* English

bullet* Cenáculo


        bullet The beginning of Christian Sion in Jerusalem
        bullet Memories till the arrival of the Crusaders
        bullet From the Crusades to the Franciscans
        bullet Franciscan Sion
        bullet The first attempts against the Franciscans
        bullet The Franciscans forced out of Sion but return
        bullet Archaeological soundings around the Cenacle
        bullet Reflection
        bullet Le Jeudi saint (French)
        bullet Séder Juif & Sacrament Pascal (French)
        bullet Pope John Paul II at the Cenacle pictures
        bullet The Lord's Supper - (1Cor 11,17-34)
        bullet Cenáculo (Portuguese)
        bullet Mount Zion. The Cenacle and St. Peter in Gallicantu

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