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Walking on the Old City walls (south-side) - October 20, 2003

Panoramic view of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem from the west. Click to enlarge and then scroll to the right.

The Ottoman Citadel was built on the place where the main palace of King Herod once stood. Its highest tower is known as "David's Tower".

From the high battlements there is a good view of the valleys below. The sight goes northwest toward Mamilla Pool ...

... and southwest, toward the Sultan Pool.

A typical building of the Armenian Quarter.

Our group is seen walking on the walls. In this area, the wall runs in front of the Dormition Abbey and the Cenacle on Mt. Zion, which are located outside of the walls.
Zion Gate (Arabic: Bab en-Nabi Daud - Hebrew: Sha'ar Tzion). Its façade is still showing much of the damage caused by the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.

Zion Gate is the main entrance to the Jewish Quarter. View from the inside.

The foundations of the south apse from the Byzantine New Church of St. Mary (known also as the Nea Church).

Exterior view ot the Sulfur Tower (Burj el-Kibrit) standing upon the peculiar stones of the Nea Church imposing walls.

The Crusader "Tanners' Gate", recently discovered and reopened.
Gate of the Moors or Dung Gate (Arabic: Bab al-Magharibeh - Hebrew: Sha'ar Ashphoth). This gate is known by different names. So are all other gates of Jerusalem.

Panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem from the south. Click to enlarge and then scroll to the rigth.

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