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Mount of Olives: Dominus Flevit ("The Lord wept") and Shrine of the "Pater Noster" - March 29, 2004

Panorama. Click on photos to enlarge.

The Mount of Olives and its sanctuaries in a drawing by Zuallard (1585 A.D.)

The present chapel of the "Dominus Flevit" was built in 1955 upon the remains of an ancient one from the Byzantine Period. From the Mount of Olives Jesus beheld the Holy City, and wept over it (Lk 19:41).

Mosaic inscription found in a room adjoining the chapel to its northern side.

A sculpted altar base, framed by a colorful mosaic floor, is seen here inside the apse of the original monastic chapel.

Among the different parts of the monastery, which extends to the North of the chapel, is worth noticing the white mosaic floored wine-press in excellent state of preservation.

Ancient stone boxes (ossuaries) exhibited in one of the tombs belonging to the "Dominus Flevit" Jewish necropolis.

Another tomb with ossuaries are here visible in the garden near the sanctuary.

Geometric and floral decoration on the front side of an ossuary.

Jewish tomb where some silver coins (Sheqel) from the First Jewish Revolt (66-70 A.D.) were found.

The "Pater Noster" ("Our Father") compound includes the relics of a basilica built by Emperor Constantine near the summit of the Mount of Olives to commemorate the Ascension of Jesus (Lk 24:50).

From the original mosaic floor decorating the Constantinian basilica very little remains today.

Remains of what most likely should have been the baptismal font annexed to the basilica.

Plan of the crypt (1) and the recently discovered tomb in the adjacent area (2).

The curved wall of the apse inside the crypt shows a partly preserved original masonry from the Byzantine Period.

The tomb was provided with funerary niches of the "kokhim" type built or excavated on a double row. Originally, the tomb had its own independent entrance on the South side.

On the cloister's walls, you can read in more than 100 languages the text of the "Pater Noster" (the "Our Father" prayer - Mt 6:9-14; Lk 11:2-3), painted on ceramic tiles.

Fragment of a medieval Latin inscription with part of the Pater Noster found on this place.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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