compiled by: A. Mertens - Franciscan Father


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The copy preserved in the Library of SBF Jerusalem has this hand-written note in French by the author: "Par ma fonction dans la bibliothèque du Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, je pus compiler ce livre. Père Mertens. 9 juillet 1980".

"Who Whas a Christian in the Holy Land" is a first step, a small one. It is merely a compilation. The collected material should not be measured by scientific standards. The compiling was solely in order to help the non-prepared pilgrim in discovering only one of the three religions in the Holy Land. A dictionary "Who was a Jew in the Promised Land" should cover a longer period. A book "who was a Muslim in Palestine" could explain the presence and the influence of Islam in the area since 637. Only by comparing the history of the three religions, the land and its people can be fully understood. (p. 719)

Please excuse the failures in "Who Whas a Christian in the Holy Land" … [the book] shows to the pilgrim the trail of the predecessors. By the method of "Guide yourself" the book enables a pilgrim to help a fellow-pilgrim. Helping your neighbour will bring joy to yourself. (p. 723)

Pages 7 to 602 were scanned, edited and electronically prepared by E. Alliata during the month of July, 2006. While Mertens' Encyclopedia "Who Whas a Christian in the Holy Land" remains in need to be corrected and brought up to date, we think the book might still be of great benefit - as it is - to the whole WWW community.

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