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Holy Week celebrations in Jerusalem

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Sunday, 13 April 2003

Palm Sunday Procession from Bethphage to Jerusalem

The Palm Sunday procession of this year was more penitential in character and the faithful prayed particularly for peace in the Holy land and in the whole world as it was requested by the Patriarch. The participants of the procession were mainly the inhabitants of Jerusalem and surroundings, and the foreigners who live permanently in Jerusalem. However a few pilgrims were also present. Yet the ceremonies were held with usual majesty.

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1. View of Bethphage. The mountains of Bethlehem are also visible in the background.

3. The faithful begin to gather.

5. The deacon reads the Gospel.

7. The beginning of the procession.

9. At the centre the Patriarch Michael Sabbah. At his left, H.G. Msgr Pietro Sambi, Nuncio to Israel and Apostolic Delegate of the Holy Land and at his right Fr Giovanni Battistelli, the Custos of the Holy Land.

11. Groups of the faithful descending from the Mount of the Olives.

13. The procession passing through Gethsemane.

15. View of the procession as it arrives in Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives in the background.

17. The procession enters the courtyard of the Church of St. Anne.

2. Arrival of the faithful at Bethphage.

4. The Patriarch and other ecclesiastical dignitaries at the Franciscan Convent of Bethphage, before the procession.

6. Girls in uniform heading for the procession.

8. The friars moving towards the place of Ascension.

10. My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God (Ps 84,2).

12. The procession passing by 'Dominus Flevit'.

14. The procession in the valley of Kedron, along the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Stephen.

16. In front of the door of St. Stephen.

18. The Patriarch greets the jubilant faithful.

19. Final blessing with the relique of the Holy Cross.

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