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9th november 2003
Presentation of a Book
in Honour of Fr. Stanislao Loffreda
Professor Emeritus of the SBF

Sunday, 9th November 2003 at 15.00
Auditorium of St. Saviour’s Monastery (New Gate, St. Francis Road).

Presentation of the book:
One Land – Many Cultures. Archaeological Studies in Honour of Stanislao Loffreda ofm -- (more info here)


Greeting -- Fr. G. Claudio Bottini, Dean of the Faculty

Fr. Stanislao Loffreda, professor and archaeologist of the SBF -- Fr. Marco Nobile, Rector of the Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum, Rome

One Land – Many Cultures -- Prof. Yoram Tzafrir, Director of the National Library, Jerusalem

Farewell -- Fr. Giovanni Battistelli, Custos of the Holy Land

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