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Distinguished professors

Allegra Gabriele (1907-1976), the founder of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Peking, afterwards transferred to Hong Kong. Under his lead, the whole Bible was translated from the original languages into Chinese. He was visiting professor at the SBF 1954-55, 1973-74 (see special page - in English, Italiano). Died in a fame of sanctity. His beatification cause has been completed and in april 23, 2002 a miracle has been approved. A date will be set next for the ceremony. See special page on the occasion of the centenary of his birth (in English, Italiano)

Bagatti Camillo Bellarmino (1905-1990). Since 1935 he has held a chair at the "Studium Biblicum Franciscanum" in Jerusalem, teaching Christian archeology and topography of Jerusalem. From 1968-1978 he was the director of the Studium. Under his guidance the Institute widened the scope of its course offerings and its activities and also added to the number of its teachers and students. (more in English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano).
In November 9, 2002 the Aula Magna of the SBF (now Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology) was dedicated to his memory. (see special page)

Baldi Donato (1888-1965), director 1950-63, worked hard for the development of the SBF and its re-opening after World War Two. Author of Enchiridion Locorum Sanctorum (1935), and of an historical atlas of the Bible (1955), acted as consultant to the Second Vatican Council.

Corbo Virgilio Canio (1918-1991). Soon after graduating in Rome in Christian Oriental studies, he undertook a long teaching career in the Franciscan Seminary and in the Franciscan Biblical School in Jerusalem. His name will be especially tied to two sacred places: the Holy Sepulcher and Capharnaum, the city of Jesus. - see separate information

Lancellotti Angelo Francesco (1927-1984), an ancient near eastern philologist, authored numerous publications such as a grammar of Akkadian (1962), a volume on the Hebrew syntax in the language of the Book of Revelation (1964), and three volumes on the Psalms (1977-1981).

Lemaire Paulin (1896-1963), professor 1928-63, director of studies 1932-38, librarian and co-author with Fr. Baldi of an atlas of the Bible. Wrote a guidebook of the Holy Land and numerous articles.

Orfali Gaudentius (1889-1926), director 1924, chairman of the Palestine Oriental Society (1925), excavated and in part restored the synagogue at Capharnaum (1921-1926). He also excavated the octagonal church in Capharnaum and the basilica of Gethsemane and published the results. Died untimely in a road accident.

Saller Sylvester John (1895-1976), curator of the Museum, taught archaeology and excavated the Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo, Bethany, the Jebusite burial place at Dominus Flevit and published the results.

Spijkerman Augustus (1920-1973), curator of the Museum, wrote important studies on numismatics, especially "The Coins of the Decapolis and Provincia Arabia " (1978).

Witzel Maurus (1882-1969), an expert on many Semitic languages and a pioneer of Sumerology. Professor 1928-31, director of studies 1929.

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