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Here it's ALWAYS Christmas!!

Bethlehem and its surroundings:
  A short description
  Before the birth of Jesus
  From Jesus to Justinian
  From Justinian to the Crusaders
  Post-Crusaders' period
  The Franciscan experience 1347-
  The Christmas Experience
  The Christmas Spirit
  The Shepherds' Field
  Memorial Hall

   Una sintesi in Italiano trovabile qui
   Pour le texte français, appuyez ici
   Síntese em Português, localiazável aqui.
   Texto en Español
   Deutsche Version: Bitte hier klicken!


Celebrations programmes from: Christian Information Center
  Catholic celebrations in Bethlehem
  Catholic celebrations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem
  Orthodox celebrations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem
  Christian services in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Christmas 2005 Messages:
  The Custos of the Holy Land - italiano - espanõl - français
  Polish - Arabic - Tedesco - Russian - Hebrew

  The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem - Italiano - Français
   Arabic - Tedesco

  The Patriarchs and the Heads of the Christian Churches

Christmas 2004 Chronicle (by E. Bermejo)
  Christmas festivities begin
  Celebration of the Midnight Mass
  The Nativity in Bethlehem
  Inauguration of the feast of Epiphany
  Solemnity of the Epiphany in Bethlehem

Christmas homily by the Patriarch H.B. Michel Sabbah:
  Midnight Mass 2004: English - italiano - español

  La liturgia de Navidad en Belén (E. Bermejo)
  The Franciscans in Bethlehem (M. Brlek) - fr - de
  La nascita di Gesù nel silenzio (C. Bottini)
  Betlemme:l'Erodion e la grotta della natività (F. Manns)
  Bethlehem... a reflection (F. Manns) - français
  Pope John Paul II homily in Bethlehem - français
  Pope John Paul II in Bethlehem - Pictures
  Prince of Peace (poem by an unknown author)
  The Christmas of Greccio (M. Adinolfi)

Church Fathers - reflections for Christmas

Leo the Great
  All Share in the Joy of Christmas...
  Incarnation Demands Our Joy...
  The Truths of the Incarnation...
  Christians must cling to the one faith...
  Christmas Morning...
  Let Us Awake...
  Unceasing Source a Joy...

Letter to Diognetus
  He gave His own Son as a ransom for us

  There is, brethren, one God

  Custody of the Holy Land Other Santuaries  


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