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BEZHTA ( Bezhita, Bezheta, Bezhti, Bexita, Bechitin, Kapucha, Kupuca, Kapuchin )

Spoken by 3,000 people in southern Dagestan (Autonomous Republic), Russia.
Linguistic Lineage for Bezhta
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Lord's Prayer
Lord's Prayer

Source: "Luka meyo Rokhellis Khabar". "The Gospel of Luke in Bezhta language".
Institute for Bible Translation Moscow (1999).
ISBN 91-88794-38-5
ISBN 5-89116-015-3
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Note:The Bezhta language is one of the 20 languages in Dagestan which has not had a written form of its own.
The Bezhta language is related to Avar, but the two languages are so totally different that people must learn each other's language, in order to understand one another. Previously forced to accept the Avar culture, the Bezhta had no choice but to use the Avar written language as their own. In spite of this they have managed to retain their own Bezhta language and culture because of their isolation in mountain villages. They are continuing to farm in the age-old ways of their forefathers. The animals occupy the ground-floor, the middle floor contains the fodder, and the top floor is the home of the family.
The Gospel of Luke in the Bezhta language was printed in January 1999. It was an absoluttely astounding happening to the approximately 5,000 Bezhta people in southwestern Dagestan.
The Gospel of Luke is the very first printed book in their language !
(From: "Translators' News Dec. 2000, Institute for Bible translation)


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