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CHIN, ZYPHE ( Zo-pe, Zophei, Zoptei, Zyphe )

Spoken by 17,000 people in Chin State, Thantlang township, Burma (Myanmar) and by 3,000 people in Mizoram, Saiha district, Siata and Iana villages, India.
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9 Macawtaco thlaw naa chang tihtah ma hrahei chang my lo,

‘Kaa Paw vaicung leteipaw,
Na ming cawh cizaw tah ung ky seh.
10 Na painah tlung ky seh.
Vaicung letah na dupaw aa tuapaw hratah,
alui lehei tua hrah he seh.
11 Ningting kaa hiapaw batui ma pei my lo,
12 kaa cung letei chahlynah a tuapaw cawngsaw sahlo kaa ngethai pawhe hratah,
kaa chahlynah ma ngethai hrah my lo.
13 Tuhsonah lang a ma chui kheh la,
mehchaw lypaw taitah ma pachah hri my lo.
Painah raang le hmingtuakhynah le rungnawnah cawh chaizaw tah natei a cang,

Source: "Biahrai Tha, Zyphe rei" - The New Testament in Chin, Zyphe, Wycliffe Bible Translators 2010
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