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KISSI, NORTHERN ( Gizi, Kisi, Kissien, Kisie )

Spoken by 286,500 people in south central Guinea, Kissidougou region. Also spoken by 40,000 people in Sierra Leone.
Linguistic Lineage for Kissi, Northern
Guinea - Sierra Leone

Lord's Prayer

Source: LANYIRI SANÈIYO - Le Nouveau Testament en Kissien - Alliance Biblique Universelle 1986.
Contributed by John Harper - Email: johnharper00@yahoo.com

A fragment of Mr. Harper's email message:
When I was in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa, in 1988-90, I was
privileged to live and work among the Kissi people of Fangamandou, in
the 'parrot's beak' region of Gueckedou prefecture.  I was also blessed
to have a small local congregation with whom I could worship every week
and fellowship on a daily basis.  God even provided a way for my home
church to send a gift directly to my local church in Fangamandou, which
enabled them to purchase tin for the roof of the church. (Even though I
actually preferred the thatched roof!)

Here is a copy of the Lord's Prayer that I scanned from a copy of the
Kissi New Testament that I obtained from C&MA missionaries while in
Guinea.  It is in the dialect of Kissi spoken in and around Kissidougou.
I hope you can add it to your files.  ( I also included the title page
information and the full page scan for reference, since the verses are
split between pages.)


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