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LIANGSHAN-YI ( NUOSU, Black Yi, Northern Yi, Nosu Yi, Sichuan Yi )

Spoken 2,000,000 people in north Yunan and south Sichuan, mainly in Greater and Lesser Liangshan mountains, China.
Linguistic Lineage for Nuosu
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Lord's Prayer

Source: New Testament (Liangshan Yi-Nuosu / Chinese) - October 2005, Bound / Leather Cloth, ca. 1070 pp
ISBN 3-937965-22-X


This publication is a parallel edition of the New Testament in Liangshan Yi-Nuosu and Mandarin Chinese. The Yi-Nuosu text represents the first publication of Bible parts in this language spoken by 2.7 million people in the Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The translation, based on the Greek New Testament, was realized as a team project over a period of nine years. The Chinese text embodies a revision of the 85-year old Chinese Union Version (Heheben Version). A 300-page appendix comprises a Nuosu-Chinese wordlist of items actually occurring in the New Testament, a Nuosu word index, a Chinese word index, a small topical lexicon, six Middle East maps and a Nuosu syllabary.

Background: The Yi Nationality is one of the 56 officially recognized nationalities in the P.R. of China. The total number of native Yi was given in the 2000 census as 8 million. The Nuosu people in Liangshan prefecture of Sichuan Province constitute the largest of all Yi groupings with 2.7 million native speakers. (The ISO 639-3 Code of this people group is [iii]).

Concerning this title: This New Testament is the 2nd edition of the version published in 2005. The 2nd edition overlaps to a great degree with the text and format of the 1st edition, but includes a few amendments at the linguistic level (lexical and syntactic).

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