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Spoken by 900 people in Mota (Sugarland) Island, Banks Group, Vanuatu. Formerly a lingua franca used between 1849 and 1965 in Solomon Islands and New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
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Mama avunana, (Daddy on top)

Nasasama ni rono. (Your name is holy)

Nom o marana ni mule ma. (Your rule come)

Nom o maros ni lai alalanana tama avunana. (What you want must happen down here as well as up there)

Le ma qarig mun kamam o sinaga we tira ape qarig. (Give us today enough food for today)

Ka nomvitag napugamam ka nomvitag napugara. (Forgive us our sins, in the same way we forgive those who sin against us).

Nipea ukekeg ilo galeva, (Dont lead us into temptation)

kamam ka lav nan o ganganor. (save us from badness)

Anoma o marana, (yours is the rule)

wa o mana, (and the spiritual, physical and customary power)

wa o lenas, (and the shining light and praise)

ti toga ti toga. (will go on and go on)


Contributed by Father Thomas Rowland - E-mail mamathomas@solomon.com.sb

Another version

MAMA avunana,
Nasasama ni rono.
Nom o marana ni mule ma.
Nom o maros hi lai alalanana tama avunana.
Le ma qarig mun kamam o sinaga we tira ape qarig.
Ka nomvitag napugamam,
tama ikamam we nomvitag napugara.
Nipea ukeukeg kamam ilo galeva;
Ka lav kamam nan o ganganor.
Anoma o marana, wa o mana,
wa o lenas ti toga ti toga. Amen.

Source: "Dictionary and Grammar of the Language of Saa and Ulawa, Solomon Islands" by Walter G. Ivens, M.A., Washington, 1918.
(The LORD'S PRAYER in Twenty-four Languages as used in the DIOCESE OF MELANESIA among the Islands of the South Pacific, pp. 155-156. Printed at the Melanesian Mission Press, British Solomon Islands. 1926.
Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl - E-mail WKuhl44238@aol.com

Another version

Lord's Prayer

Source: "The LORD'S PRAYER in Five Hundred Languages comprising the leading languages and their principal dialects throughout the world with the places where spoken - with a preface by Reinhold Rost, C.I.E, LL.D., PH.D.", Gilbert & Rivington Limited, London, 1905.


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