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TAKUDH ( Western Canada Gwich'in, Tukudh, Loucheux, Kutchin )

Spoken by 500 Vuntut Gwich'in people of Old Crow (Yukon Territory) and Fort McPherson (North West Territories). Also spoken in Fort Yukon and on Yukon river and tributaries (northeastern Alaska), U.S.A..
Linguistic Lineage for Gwich'in
Language map of Canada, reference # 1
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Lord's Prayer

Source: "Jisus Kreist Nyiwhe Kukwadhut Ako Nyiwhahsi Vi Hlukwinadhun Kechid" - The New Testament in Tukudh, p. 19.
British and Foreign Bible Society, London 1920.

The New Testament in the Takudh language in PDF format

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl – E-mail WKuhl44238@aol.com

Another version

Lord's Prayer

From "Tutthug Enjit Gidhinchik - Takudh Tsha Zit Thleteteitazy", Ven. Archdeacon McDonald, D.D., Kirkhe
Contributed by The Rev. Fr. John Tyrrell, St. Paul's Anglican Pro-Cathedral, P.O. Box 570, Dawson City, YT, Canada Y0B 1G0 - E-mail jtyrrell@dawson.net

Another version

Ezyuk kwuggut kwikkit zyunguttunohchi:

Nyiwhot Tlyi zyeh zit nyik kwilnjik,
Nyorzi rsinjochootinyoo.
Nyik kookuk wadhut nichoozhit.
Ni yinji zyeh zit kwikkit nunh kuk akotukonji.
Choog ttrin nyiwhot truäettettegwantssi nyiwhih inya'ntsit.
Ako' nyiwhet kwichotli nyiwhet oounkwichili, nitso'
nyiwhot tsut kwet kwichotli kot sut oounkwitchitili.
Ako' kookukwutundui kwu sut nyiwhot tuno'e" rsho;
ko' trigwandyoth kwut sut nyiwhih inou'nji:
kwuggut yoo kookukwadhut,
ako' chutluth, ako' ekwahndit nit sun nili',
sheg kenjit.

Note: (') following a letter means there is a dot beneath that letter (") following a letter means there is a trema over that letter.

Source: "Ettunetle Rsotitinyoo, THLUKWINADHUN SHEK AKO' KETCHID KWITUGWATSUI': Takudh Ttshah Zit Thleteteitazya."
The Bible in Tukudh (1980) (Reprinted from the 1898 edition)
Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl - E-mail WKuhl44238@aol.com

Hail Mary!

Hail Mary

Source: "AVE MARIA in 404 lingue"
Ordine Equestro del San Sepolcro di Gerusalemme, Milano (1931).
Contributed by David G. Landsnes, MD - E-mail dgwlmd@superlink.net


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