A constructed language created by Kimberle Anne-Marie Elisabeth Von Fackenthall-aus-Frohnleiten.

Fo-n ditan, pen sa-mo-mai, Fatherspirit, being in high holy place
dit-sen ko jon-psai, being of name most worthy
fongai ba-po pen-saijan p, come thy being henceforth
susudan ba-po japan p,bequeathed thy to carry on
toyen fodan kupten a-nai sa-mo-mai p; hereabout the earth as done in high holy place
pu-ton sisin-adn bo ditan p; us-give each-day bread by-spirit
pu-bapbt yensi-ilao ditan p, us-pitty forgiving all by-spirit
ten-p-bapbt yensu-ilao ku-jem kapan inoy p; we too forgiving all those inflicting same
nam-pu-tai-non sa-sgkon p, not us allow in bad wantings
b, pu-m-smai itam-n p. but, us guide away from evil.
mmn   Amen

Pronunciation chart:
                 is ah

                 a is usually same as: ain Japan.
                 e is eh
                 i is ee or ih
                 o is aw or oh
                 u is oo always
                 The p at the end of many sentances has no english translation, but is the very same as Ka, or Krub in Thai sentances, however, both men and women say the same word, unlike Thai.

Contributed by Kimberle Anne-Marie Elisabeth Von Fackenthall-aus-Frohnleiten - E-mail


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