Pontificio Museo Missionario - Etnologico

Crucifix - Zaire, Bakongo people (17th century) - 32K

The god Tu - Polynesia, Gambier Islands (collected 1834-36) - 25K

The god Rogo - Polynesia, Gambier Islands (collected 1834-36) - 21K

The god Tupo - Polynesia, Gambier Islands (collected 1834-36) - 35K

Wooden mask - Congo, Vili people (collected 1924) - 21K

Pomdo (androgynous figure) - Guinea or Sierra Leone, Kissi people (18th c.)- 13K

Maiden spirit mask (Agbogho) - Nigeria, Igbo people (19th c.) - 29K

Quetzalcoatl (the Plumed Serpent) - Mexico, Aztec (15th c.) - 61K

Painted bark mask - Chile, Tierra del Fuego (collected 1920) - 34K

Figure of a divinity - Colombia, Aruaco (collected 1691) - 43K

Support - Colombia, Aruaco (collected 1691) - 47K

Wooden mask- Colombia, Aruaco (collected 1691) - 41K

Sambun (Hook): Front - Papua New Guinea (collected 1924) - 23K

Sambun (Hook): Back - 22K

Painted cane mask - Papua New Guinea (collected 1930) - 31K

Carved board (Malu Sambun): Front - Papua New Guinea (collected 1924) - 40K

Carved board (Malu Sambun): Back - 41K

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