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In advance for rehearsals: for greater convenience, the calendar of upcoming masses in now located in a separate page - see it here.
Attention: only some of the links  to the scores (plese see below the "what is new history" dated from 4/17) are working; I´m slowly either updating the scores or removing the links to the disappeared old site.

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About this page

What will you find here, and some hints to listen to its contents...Ordinaries of the mass: the word "ordinary" means the chants (kyrie, gloria, sanctus, agnus) that are common to many masses, for instance in weekdays, on Sundays, feasts of the apostles, Lent, and so on... Others: some selected chants, including the sequences and different versions of the "Tantum ergo"...Latest Sundays' masses: here are all the chants from the "proper" of each mass: introitum (entrance chant), gradual (psalm), alleluia, ofertorium and communionem (you guessed, ofertory and communion); the proper makes each mass distinct from the others, and many times the chants have great connection with the readings or feast of the day... Links: some sites where you could read, learn and hear more about gregorian chants...Comments: looking for a special chant or mass? Here you can left your comments and suggestions for this page...

These recordings are live ones, made at St. Benedict's Monastery in São Paulo (Brazil).

This repertoire will grow step by step, and while there are space left in my hard disk. The first recordings were made using a simple Walkman, and for these reasons they can have noises coming from the audience around, and even some mic shocks; however, I think they are still useful, giving a great idea of how beautiful a well sung chant could be, with organ accompaniment. More recent recordings are being made with better equipment and conditions, with clearer sound and much less noises (although sometimes fan noises are still audible...) and will replace the older ones whenever possible.

Don't worry about copyrights, because these recordings I made myself, at the masses in the Monastery. So they are not commercial ones. You can copy and distribute these files if you wish to! HOWEVER this doesn't mean these chants could be traded without previous agreeement.

Atention: in order to hear, you must have a sound card in your PC; the older files are in wave format. These wave files are a "little" big because they are stereo; if you find better to have one third to half-size files, although with mono sound, click here (Sun Audio format files). However, the newer recordings are in MPEG (MP3) compressed audio format, offering you a much better sound quality in files smaller than the previous WAV or AU. Only a few of the older wave or Sun audio are still in this page.

Tip: it's a good idea if you right-click with the mouse over the desired link (music), this will bring a menu allowing you to save the file in your hard disk; this way you can hear the music repeatedly later... you could even record the chants to a tape or CD!

Kyriale - now the ordinaries are in a new page.

Some selected chants - they moved to a new page as well.

Last Sundays' Masses, and Masses for rehearsals...

Additional information - now located in a new page.

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Back to this page's creator, Luís Henrique Camargo Quiroz's home page (sorry, only in Portuguese by now!). This "new" but not so updated personal page is a mere copy from that which, as this Chant Site, I've created in my office computer at IPT. In May 2000 was decided, "for the sake of security involving IPT's network", to deny external access to computers localized in the Institute, what, despite my efforts and requests from brazilians and many others foreign visitors, would affect the existence of this site. Fortunately, I found good will and receptivity with the managers of Christus Rex computers, to whom we shall be thankful. See some welcome words and thoughts from when this new site began to run.

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