Welcome to the new site!

This week the gregorian chant site begins a new life in a new address... Deep thanks to Michael Olteanu, www.christusrex.org's webmaster, by the kind disposition in maintainig this site available to the internauts!

I hope all the old visitors and friends could soon find the page and its chants - because, although the responsible at IPT (where I work, created and maintained the site) had agreed to allow accesses to the "old" site until I could move to another place, regrettably the commitment went out no more than just words! Let's see if, at least now, they redirect the calls to the old site (siul.rc.ipt.br) to this new home, as they had agreed to do... I hope they had good will this time! Neither the technical content in my personal homepage, which presumably concerns IPT, can be accessed now!

I state that my colleagues at IPT and near superiors had never judged the site as inopportune, hosted at my office computer; the denial of access was decicion of the highest levels in our hierarchy, alleging security reasons (and affecting the most of our computers permanently connected to the internet). There were never security problems with my server, excess traffic over the net or any other inconvenience caused by this site; on the contrary, I had even installed more memory (of my property) in the server, in order to improve its performance, and this extra memory (4 times the previous) allowed better conditions for my work and researches... including a colleague's computer, which received the original memory from "my" computer. Now I intend to get my memory back.

I thank also to whom sent me email messages or left them in the comments on the page, intended to support the permanence of the site in activity, where I had created and was easy to manage it; in spite of the messages and some attempts, it went out impossible to "remain in Brazill", where these chants are recorded... what can one think about this? I'll eventually answer to all who had written me.