Itinera Hierosolymitana Crucesignatorum - Vol. I
Tempore Primi Belli Sacri (1095-1100)
The Times of the First Holy Wars

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  • Presentazione - Presentation

  • Anonymus: Qualiter sita est civitas Hierosolymitana - Anonymous: How the city of Jerusalem is situated

  • Willelmus Tyrensys Archiepiscopus: Historia Rerum in Partibus Transmarinis Gestarum - William Archbishop of Tyre: History of the Events in the Overseas Territories

  • Fulcherius Carnotensis: Historia Hierosolymitana - Gesta Francorum Iherusalem Peregrinantium - Fulcher of Chartres: History of Jerusalem - The Exploits of the Frank Pilgrims to Jerusalem

  • Anonymus: Gesta Francorum Expugnantium Iherusalem - Anonymous: The Exploits of the Franks in Liberating Jerusalem

  • Radulfus Cadomensis: Gesta Tancredi in Expeditione Hierosolymitana - Raoul of Caen: The Exploits of Tancred in the Jerusalem Expedition

  • Robertus Monachus: Historia Iherosolimitana - Robert the Monk: The History of Jerusalem

  • Albertus Aquensis: Historia Hierosolimitana - Albert of Aix-la-Chapelle: The History of Jerusalem

  • Ekkerhardus Abbas Uraugiensis: Hierosolymita - Eckhardt, Abbot of Aura: The Jerusalem Pilgrim

  • Cafarus de Caschifelone: De Liberatione Civitatum Orientis - Cafaro of Caschifelone: The Liberation of the Cities of the Orient

  • Anonymus Littorensis: Historia de Translatione Sanctorum - Anonymous of Lido (Venice): The Transfer of the Saints' Relics

  • Canonicus Hebronensis: Tractatus de Inventione Sanctorum Patriarchum Abraham, Ysaac et Jacob - Monk of Hebron: Treatise on Finding the Relics of the Holy Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

  • Monacus Anonymus Scaphusensis: De Reliquiis Sanctissimae Crucis et Dominici Sepulchri - Anonymus Monk of Schaffhausen: The Relics of the Holy Cross and of the Sepulchre of Our Lord

  • Fulco: Historia Gestorum Viae Nostri Temporis Ierosolymitanae - Fulcher: Story of the Feats Accomplished in Our Times on the Road to Jerusalem

  • Europe and the Middle East at the Time of the Crusades:
    Italy --- Eastern Europe --- Greece and Turkey --- Middle East

  • Variantes Principaliores ex Ipsis Editoribus Desumptae - Foremost Variations chosen from Identical Editions

  • Indice delle Abbreviazioni - Index of Abbreviations

  • Indice delle Illustrazioni - List of Illustrations

  • Indice Analitico - Analytic Index

  • Indice Generale - General Index

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  • Piano dell'Opera - Book Plan

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