Address: Semenicului 6, 1800 Lugoj, TM, RO
Tel: 056-353597, Fax: 056-351457

PS Alexandru MESIAN Eparchy of Lugoj is pastorated by PS Alexandru Mesian, Bishop of Lugoj.

Born: 22 ianuarie 1937
Priest: 8 mai 1965
Bishop: 8 septembrie 1994

The Catedral The Descension of the Holy Spirit The Catedral "The Descension of the Holy Spirit".

Eparchy patron is "Holy Trinity".

Eparchy of Lugoj Basic data:

Greek-Catholics: 60.000
Archparishes: 10
Parishes: 100
Priests: 90
Monks: 16

Short history:

After the Union from 1700, there appeared the first greek-catholic communities in the Banat area. Their number increased significantly between 1831-1851, thus the need of founding an Eparchy in that area was strongly motivated. Under these circumstances, there was issued the Apostolicum Ministerium, on November 26, 1853, by which both the Eparchy of Lugoj and that of Gherla (which was to become lately the Eparchy of Cluj-Gherla) were founded.

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