Address: Vasile Lucaciu 50, 4800 Baia-Mare, BM, RO
Tel: 062-215807, Tel/Fax: 062-213398

PS Ioan SISESTEANU Eparchy of Maramureş is pastorated by PS Ioan Şişeşteanu, Bishop of Maramureş.

Born: 11 iunie 1936
Priest: 16 martie 1972
Bishop: 11 septembrie 1994

The Catedral is still taking by the Ortodhox Church The Catedral "Dormition".

Eparchy's patron is "Our Lady".

Eparchy of Maramures Basic data:

Greek-Catholics: 132.000
Archparishes: 14
Parishes: 184
Priests: 137
Monks: 44

Short history:

On founding the Eparchy of Gherla, two towns were proposed to become the bishopric’s centre: Dej and Baia-Mare. But a third town has been chosen, Gherla, Baia-Mare remaining a strong greek-catholic centre in the area of Maramureş. The importance of this area was confirmed in 1930 by the foundation of the new Eparchy of Maramureş, having its centre in Baia-Mare, by the Sollemni Conventione, on June 5, 1930.

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